A Wild Woman’s Self Belongs to None

I touch her lashes and warm her cheeks, caress the titillating tale dancing on her mind’s lips. She is dark and bright and alive under me. I want to enjoy her eyes on my heat, but Nix sets a mountain between us. Tomorrow is only a few dreams away. I will awaken your skin at dawn, my sweet. I will taste

My thoughts collapse under Sin’s silvery tongue. “She was born to my glow”, he says, painting a trail on the sea, making waves rise for him. “She dances for my light and dark. She is of me. Her Self is mine.”

I say nothing as I dim for Nix. But through the energy that makes Sin and You and Nix and Me sidereal bits of the Universe’s whole, I burn a sunny truth into the moon: “I flow in her veins,” I tell him, “glow in her soul, help heal her woes. Yet, she’s neither mine nor yours—a wild woman’s Self belongs to none.”

kiss the sea
at dusk, sun and moon,
taste my wilds

a wee note…
Nix is the Greek Goddess of the night; Sin (or Nanna) is the Sumerian God of the moon.
– Linked to Prompt Nights – a photograph is but a memory in raw format.
– I am also linking to Poets United – Poetry Pantry #317.

Sunset, Friday Harbor

A Flame in the Dark

The knowing dances into me, gritty and wild, through open eyes and willing tongue. I taste the veracity shards you hide under a shroud of silken lies. Something is rotten. For a spell, my eyes consider weeping for the worms you boiled before they could become moths. Then I remember: liquid mourning cleanses, but rarely fixes a thing. So my soul sucks in sadden salts, crafts them into living fuel, lets them burn for a better day. I don’t conceal what grows in me. I open my all, under the licks of moon and sun, and let you watch. You see naught.

a flame, in the dark,
breeding eternal summers,
rebirthing new hope

the wee notes…
– Silk is harvested by boiling the silkworm cocoon, or by blasting it with steam or hot air.
– Linked to Sanaa’s Prompt Nights (The Hidden Realm). Sanaa said that our contributions could refer to “a sanctuary or a safe haven where we like to retreat to when times are tough… to pen down the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a hidden realm.” The first thing that came to my mind spoke of the inner not-so-hidden realms some of us must bring into being, in order to keep our sanity in today’s reality.

Black Candle Flame