By the Neck

No, we haven’t always followed
a circus of clowns drunk on folly.

Once, long ago, we weren’t
a herd of thought blinded folks
driven (by the neck, gently…)
into the jaggedness of the abyss.

My grandfather remembers the bliss
of dreaming. My grandmother? No,
she had no rights to dream. But
that’s a story for later. Today,

I speak of the orange-faced windbags,
the dimwits with dry straw growing
out of hubris-thickened skulls
that should have contained brains.

Oh, but we have no choice. We must
open our eyes and see, or we’ll crash.
We will crash so damn hard
that our many-times repaired hearts
will stop pumping living red into backbone,
and our brains will spill pinkish into muck,
way before we reclaim our rights to think.

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“Being Human-a Work of Heart”, by Paper Doll State of Mind
“Being Human: a Work of Heart”, by Paper Doll State of Mind

She Fights for Healthy Hearts…

The other day, the Little Princess wanted to know what we were having for dinner.

“Chicken noodle soup,” I said.

She almost dropped the dish she had been washing. With her face scrunched up in disgust, she said (rather loudly), “Chicken noodle soup from a can? In what kind of house are we living in!”

After I was done roaring at her outrage, I told her that she well knew we didn’t eat soup from cans. “I’m making it from scratch, gorgeous, as always.”

“Oh,” she let out a sigh of relief, “We’re having Magaly soup then.”

The Little Princess is extremely health conscious, especially for a 10-year-old. This began the first time she participated in Jump Rope for Heart. She was very sad about the children and adults who had to live with heart disease. The moment she discovered that there were ways to prevent the illness, and that researchers were trying to find a cure, she was determined to help others and herself. Here is a bit about her views, in her own words:

“I am joining my coaches in raising money for the American Heart Association and we need your help! Lots of kids and adults around the world have heart disease and need people to help raise money for high costs of medicines. To get started, I donated all the money from Christmas, my birthday, and my allowance.

My coaches are teaching me about how to keep a heart healthy. Instead of soda, drink water and to add some flavor put a slice of fruit in it. Beware of high sodium because it can raise your blood pressure. Since last year, I have cut down on sugar, started to eat healthier foods, and I have not had a soda since then.

I hope you can help me save lives!”

~ Ella (AKA the Little Princess)

1 - JumpClick on the image or this LINK to join the Little Princess’ fight for healthy hearts
(no, my Luvs, I’ve no idea why so many of her LEGO mini figures are armed to the teeth)

And of course, she talks the talk and eats the food. This was her birthday menu for this year (in our family we get our favorite dishes on the anniversary of our birth):

2-MenuShe seems to have taken some poetic *cough* license with her spelling of “spaghetti”

3-Steel Cut OatsSteel cut oats with (unburned) pecans

4-Mashed Potatoes and Green BeansMashed potatoes and green beans

5 - Spaghetti, Salad and TostonesSpaghetti, tostones and salad (with my original raspberry dressing)

6 - Tilapia with TostoneI was still completely off meat, so I had tilapia baked in pineapple juice and dill

love likes to be fed
foods that fortify the heart—
I’ll slow cook cuddles
7 - Cuddles Haiku

My Love Remembers

With the approach of the Winter Solstice, I find myself going through old files, old boxes, old pictures, thinking of the bits of my heart that are no longer physically close to me. I wrote this one after spending some bittersweet moments browsing through photos of my little brother…

“My Love Remembers”

I bled my heart
over a porous stone,
wrapped it in dark moon,
placed it over warm honey,
fresh rosemary, sage
and cinnamon bark…

by stone and moon—spiced
and honeyed—my love
remembers yours.

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Tuesday Platform
Heart and Honey