I Sipped Twilight

Kerry, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, invited us to write a piece of poetry or prose, in 55 words… Unless we go with her 55 PLUS, which implies including a quotation or two from one of the “Top 10 Songs that Will Make You Cry”, in which case, the quoted words do not count against the 55. I’m also linking this bit to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 305).

“I Sipped Twilight”

I slaughtered birdsong
with my cursing
of the hurt,

and my flesh still felt
the pain.

I darkened sunlight
with my shrouding
of the hurt,

and my bones still felt
the pain.

I sipped twilight,
between mind and heart,
singing, “Everybody hurts

with flesh and bone
I embraced my pain,
drinking it in,
making it mine.

Self Embrace, by Michelle Robinson
“Self Embrace”, by Michelle Robinson

She Runs Twisted

Sherry Blue Sky, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, invited us to Play It Again. I can’t say no to Sherry, so I said yes, and chose to Take It to the Streets. While I was at it, I said yes to Prompt Nights, too. I agree, Sanaa, Imperfection is Beauty(full)… with extra character. And because I’m feeling quite wild, I’m also linking it to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 303).

“She Runs Twisted”

She runs twisted, from life to death,
the asphalt of her skin potholed with stories
of living, dying, and reckless loving.

She likes it slow in storms and at night,
fast when the sun’s a kiss away from setting,
with music roaring all her hollows full,

at any time, with wheels speeding caresses
over the surface of her heat. She loves it
when rain whittles poems into her middle,

leaving her beauty-marked with life,
marking her beautifully towards dying,
loving her marks with tales of living.

She runs twisted in life, in death, in love.

Abstract Nude, by Aja
abstract nude, by Aja
see more of her work on Sagittarius Gallery

*I deleted the first image I shared with the poem…
It did not feel quite right.
You can here it here, if you like.*