The Third Kiss

I wasn’t supposed to blog today… I have a huge report to finish for a woman in a white coat (no, not the mistress of the madhouse, but the guardian of the gut). I should be researching enzymes and the effects certain roughage have on the tummy. But can I really be expected to think of roughage, when a Hedgewitch is whispering of the riddle of the sphinx… of Shakespeare’s weird sisters… of the Lord of the Rings? I’m not weak, my Wicked Luvs, but not even I can resist a sphinx, weird sisters, and “My precious!” triple attack. So here is three-inspired dark poem bit, luring Witch O’ the Wilds:

“The Third Kiss”

It was the third kiss
that opened her brain’s eye,

the one slaying her truth
while fairy telling his lie,

out of  lips, saying, “I do love her,
but I wish, I wish, I wish she would die.”

written for Poetry to the Third Power, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Three of Swords, by RevolverWindsThree of Swords, by RevolverWinds

Heart and Guts Make the Blooms Grow Brighter

Even if rather luscious, the deadheaded remains
of a fleshed and boned human was not my idea
for proper stalk. But who can argue with Red?
None who values all her petals attached
to the same bloom. Red delights in peculiar fun,

best when speckled with vivid bits of blood-red.
“Chlorophyll is for leafy vegetables,” she said,
“heart and guts make the blooms grow brighter.”

Most tulips I know thrive rooting in sandy soil,
well drained, stimulated by sun, moon, rain…
But who can argue with Red? None who wants
to grow. “These roots were made for walking
in painted wooden shoes”, she said,

and we walked with Red, blooming
in borrowed flesh.

written for Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016 (Day 7)—Of Peculiar Fun and Me
the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads – In The Remains of This Month (April!)

Art by Caitlynn Abdow
artwork, by Caitlynn Abdow
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