Asphalt Cries Red

I should know better than to visit the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads on days I scheduled for “no writing”. But I blame it on the Muse’s inability to control her Imagination… and on Marian’s talent to nudge creation… I blame it on Low Shoulder, too… since I can’t listen to “Through the Trees” without bittersweet melodies of love (now loss to this world) “pouring from my eyes”.

a bright bloom shrivels
when winter is lived too fast
and asphalt cries red

Baby Ghoul, by Gina Morley
Baby Ghoul”, by Gina Morley

Of Wailing Salts

Memories of you are often
full of mirth
dancing all over my face,
brightening all the dark
in my eyes.

But not on this day,
when the absence of you
drowns my all in oceans
of wailing salts,
that sting, sting, sting…
until my heart is pickled
in bittering waves of loss.

Memories of you make me
weep with smiles that hurt
so deep, but
they remind me you’re alive
in my memories of you.

linked to Prompt Nights and Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 291)

Crying, by Kimber Fiebiger“Crying”, by Kimber Fiebiger