I Kiss the Land with My Feet

Rommy is visiting for the weekend, and we want to spend as much time as possible conquering New York City. But I couldn’t skip a Sanaa’s Prompt Nights. Not when today’s theme reads as if it sprouted out of my own mouth: “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”.

“I Kiss the Land with My Feet”

I kiss the land with my feet,
letting the world fill my blood
with song that tells of flesh
moving, dreaming, living, being

so wildly happy.

When my blood sings,
I dance until my bones cackle.
I live for me. And for others, too,
if they respect my song.

a wee note…
– Expanded Poem Bits of Fiction and Poetry, 14 (from “Respect My Song”)

Respect My Song

Asphalt Cries Red

I should know better than to visit the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads on days I scheduled for “no writing”. But I blame it on the Muse’s inability to control her Imagination… and on Marian’s talent to nudge creation… I blame it on Low Shoulder, too… since I can’t listen to “Through the Trees” without bittersweet melodies of love (now loss to this world) “pouring from my eyes”.

a bright bloom shrivels
when winter is lived too fast
and asphalt cries red

Baby Ghoul, by Gina Morley
Baby Ghoul”, by Gina Morley