Of Banshees and Clean Underpants

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

The old heart slowed as summer began to fall towards October.

She howled her promise into the night.

When her cry was swallowed by the roaring of too much city, she ran… but arrived too late—Death took her friend before the Banshee could warn her to change into clean underpants.

Process Note
: a couple of days ago, I spent time with a group of ladies who have lived for a very long time. We were discussing myths associated with death, when one of them said, “It might be nice to befriend a banshee.” I asked why, and she answered, “Am I the only one who would like some warning, so I can change into clean underpants before the big trip?” Then, pointing towards the city, she added, “With all this damn noise, the banshee might not be able to shriek loud enough.”

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads – Flash 55 Plus

Lucy, by A Little Company
“Lucy”, by A Little Company, “Forever in mid joyful expression, in a natural state of being, she is sure to inspire and remind you to live life to the fullest.”

Mirror Shards and Hissing Cats

On the thirteenth day
of the hottest noon of summer,
the Witch cracked seven mirrors
while dancing with her black cats.

Her neighbors whispered of unluck,
painted blood crosses over shut doors,
self-flogged for mercy
and screamed prayers of, “Forgive her!”

By sunset, the lone Witch stood
on an in-between place; ready for the oncoming fight—

mirror shards and hissing cats offer some protection,
but the most ruthless of the Fair Folk would not resist
the alluring call of fresh blood and fear-fattened screams.

for Magpie Tales 278

Woman in Black and Train Tracksvia