Mirror Shards and Hissing Cats

On the thirteenth day
of the hottest noon of summer,
the Witch cracked seven mirrors
while dancing with her black cats.

Her neighbors whispered of unluck,
painted blood crosses over shut doors,
self-flogged for mercy
and screamed prayers of, “Forgive her!”

By sunset, the lone Witch stood
on an in-between place; ready for the oncoming fight—

mirror shards and hissing cats offer some protection,
but the most ruthless of the Fair Folk would not resist
the alluring call of fresh blood and fear-fattened screams.

for Magpie Tales 278

Woman in Black and Train Tracksvia

Two plus Two Equals almost Four Blooms

When manmade Ragnarök swallowed Thunder and ate Old One-Eyed, the Trickster turned into Oil and Gold Alchemist Almighty. For centuries, belief was his. Homo sapiens prayed him Supreme. By the end of his first era, OG2A was calculated profit from oil-filled bladder to gold-stiffed hair tips. Then his absolute math began to wane… OG2A ran to his lab, filled five beakers with himself, and “Thank me, all is well!” until the fifth… He tried and tried and the results couldn’t be fixed: all seemingly complex equations remained true, but the most basic two plus two (defied him) and equaled almost four blooms.

alchemy of trees;
belief turns oil into gold…
Nature’s chaos rose

Process Note: I couldn’t decide between basing today’s poem on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, or on the “Unsubmissive Plant”, by Remedios Varo. So… I decided to go with both.

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 24 – Art Speaks to Art: Base a poem on a piece by one of your favorite artists.

The Unsubmissive Plant, by Remedios Varo“Unsubmissive Plant”, by Remedios Varo