In October, When All Things Can Be…

“What is normal? Normal is yesterday and last week and last month taken together.” This quote, from Terry Pratchett’s Snuff, came to mind while I watched two people discussing the use of metal detectors at the entrance of New York Comic Con. One person was upset because he didn’t think “other people’s problems should affect [his] Con”. The other was mad because “no one told [her about the change] before she got there”.

I listened to them, wondering if getting angry about things that have nothing to do with the real issue is going to be our society’s new “normal”. I also grinned a lot… in order not to kick them until the nonsense left their twitching bodies. Kicking strangers is wrong. You should only kick your friends, lovingly… if they are into that kind of stuff *cough, cough*.

Anyhoo, back to things that keep me sane. In case you missed them, last week, I published two pieces of tanka-prose: “Reclaimed” and “Wild Magic”. If you haven’t, take a look-see.

My Comic Con Hoard: not as impressive (in bulk) as in earlier years, but quite delicious. I mean, there is something about free books that makes a bibliophile happy, happy, happy.

For Ye, not on Instagram or Facebook: last week, I shared this magnetic bit *giggles*…

In the story of us,
you are naked
and I am plotting

…and some tanka.

Stitched words will
push flesh into flesh,
magic you
mine, in October—
when all things can be.

October’s Heart-Bits with Magaly Guerrero: are you in? If so, do you know what you will do for it? If you do, you are ahead of me. Knowing my muse, she will decide at the last minute—she uses anxiety as fuel, the mad thing. No wonder we love each other to pieces.

I Have a New Facebook Page: no, this is not an invitation to slap me around (for creating more places to you to get lost in). In truth, now that my profile is back to normal (for some time, no one could “Follow” me, and most of my posts were being marked as spam), I will use Words by Magaly Guerrero to share my words… plus, words on works that catch my eye (and possibly, my ear and heart and my left toe, which has always been a tad loose).

Even when the world looks bad, life still gives bits of good. Find bits of wonder, hold them close to your heart, feed on the joy they bring, let it grow… Then use the energy to face the big bad things. This week, my tiny-giant-bits of wonder are free books and this place (where I share words with you). Care to share one of your tiny wonders with me?

Dorothy Is Hispanic, Toto Is a German Shepherd, and the Wizard of Oz…

…is from New York. Yes, my Wicked Luvs, the wonderful Vincent D’Onofrio is the Wizard of Oz… And Dorothy speaks Spanish… And the Munchkins are huge! And I’m completely in love with the Witch of the East’s red and black dress. I really enjoyed the screening of the series, can you tell? I haven’t watched anything in real time for quite some time, but January shall find me watching this one on TV. I suspect this might be one of my favorite retellings of L. Frank Baum’s story.

NYCC was magnificent this year. We had a bit of a false start—information about schedules and locations was a bit… unclear—but all was well after I devoured an enormous guava (the brilliant panels and the abundance of swag might’ve helped too *cackles-infused giggles*).

I only attended two panels this year: the screening of Emerald City (as you might have figured out by the abundance of Oz squealing filling the 1st paragraph) and the Scream Queens: Female Horror/Thriller Writers panel. The 1st promised a yummy TV series and the 2nd added at least 13 more books to my to-be-read pile.

On the health front, I was nervous about attending Comic Con this year… I was concern about bathroom availability (Crohn’s Diseases and other tummy inconveniences make access to clean bathrooms a bit of a big deal). But I managed just fine—the lines were long, but the stalls were clean and plentiful.

Also, while at Comic Con (not in the bathroom *cough, cough*), I learned that a friend who has been out of publishing commission for 4 years or so (due to chronic illness) is back at it again. She just signed a contract for 3 books, and I will probably be blabbering about her fantastic tales as soon as she tells me that it’s all right to do so. Her recovery makes me super happy and gives me all kinds of hope for my own situation.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I’ve taken in the past, but you can click here and here to see two of my favorites on Facebook. I must show you the swag though… which I, of course, will share with you… some during Witches in Fiction 2016: Spelling Healing into a Rotting World (have you joined yet?), and I will offer more in giveaways as I finish reading them.

Oh, and yes, I predict some serious cosplay in the future…
the black and the red (and the expression on East’s face) make cosplaying inevitable.