Never Underestimate an Old Man Who Is Also a U.S. Veteran

I’m not very good at the art of journaling on time… Well, not unless it has to do with hospital stuff, in which case I have no choice. When it comes to recording (and sharing) life’s bits, I like to take my time. Not just because I can be mildly lazy, but because I like to digest experiences before I write them out.

That’s the reason why I’ve yet to write a post about our recent trips to Salt Lake City and Friday Harbor. We went to Utah to celebrate my Father-in-Law’s 90th birthday. The picture below is not from the celebration, but do I need a reason to share the fantastic t-shirt my Mother-in-Law got for her love?
Never Underestimate an Old Man

It was wonderful to see my Piano Man share a bit of scotch with his parents…

…and rage about a certain wild-haired politician with his father.
William and Grandpa

There was time for with visiting old friends…
Old Friends

…and sharing fun anecdotes with former colleagues.
Old Colleagues

No hometown visitor should go without ice cream…
Grandma and Grandpa

…or without paying their respects to those who have gone before.
Graveyard in Utah

After Salt Lake City, we flew… drove… ferried… to Friday Harbor. I’ll save those details for future posts. All this mind-travel can be quite exhausting. We were so tired on our way to the island, too. Most of my bits were issuing wild curses into the wind. Except my teeth… my teeth never got the memo.
Magaly and William, 8-9-16

The Sun Shines Brightest upon My Creepiness

I can not look at the picture below without grinning like a lunatic. I’m not sure what was going through my mind when I took it. The picture itself was an accident. I was using my phone as a mirror, trying to figure out if my eyeballs were yellowing—I have to keep an eye on that these days… because of the meds.

Anyway, doesn’t my face look like I’m planning something deliciously wicked? I hope I enjoy whatever it is my subconscious has in mind for us. I bet it will be fun.

Let’s play a bit. Do you care to caption this photo? Think word balloons… in a few words, write down what the expression on my face says to you. Get creative. Invite a hammer or two. I like hammers. 😉

Magaly Guerrero, 8-9-16