Of the Art-Full Bits Birthed Out of My Friends’ Skulls and the Cruellest Month

I love celebrating the deliciously art-full bits birthed out of my friends’ skulls. If you share or sale your paintings, sculptures, dolls, photography, brews, crafts… online, and wish me to consider your works as companions for my April poetry, please leave a comment telling me so.

This is what I would need from you, if your art wants to dance with mine in April:
. A statement saying that you wish me to consider your art during my April poetry event
2. A link to the virtual space where I can see your art (i.e. shop, website, blog…)
* Because I delight in sharing quotes from my poems on Facebook and Instagram, please leave me your handles for those platforms (or the links to your profiles), if you wish me to tag you.

a wee note: I can’t guarantee that I will be able to use the art of each person who joins in—the Muse chooses what she chooses, and she doesn’t always care for my opinion. Also, please keep in mind that often, only a tiny element from the visual art makes it into the poem. Don’t laugh, my Luvs, last year an artist got upset because my “poem deviated from the innermost soul of [his] sculpture”. And when I removed the sculpture and the artist’s information from my blog, the individual in question went livid. One can never make everyone happy… or sane, methinks.

Dark Poem Bits for the Cruellest Month…

If you follow my page, you probably already know that my April will be bursting with poetry—13 poems here, and Rommy Driks and I are cohosting a 30 days of Micro-Poetry in April event on our Facebook pages: Kestril’s Rhythms and Groove and Magaly Guerrero, respectively.

I plan to base my daily Dark Poem Bits for the Cruellest Month on quotes provided by you, my Wicked Luvs. If this sounds like fun (and you haven’t done it already), do fly over to my page and leave me a quote (or three), which you would like me to reshape into micro-poesy.

Rommy’s Muse is also collecting inspiration. She wants some of your favorite song titles to craft into micro-poems. Visit Kestril’s Rhythms and Groove, and share the title of a tune (or thirteen).

P.S. If you aren’t on Facebook *waves at Debra, She Who Seeks* you can leave me your quotes here. I will share links to the poem bits here, so that you can delight in them.

P.P.S. Rommy is also offering to share your art with her April poetry. If you wish her to keep your work in mind, visit her blog and read Wicked Little Grooves for details.

P.P.S. Have you joined Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016, yet? We’ll have cookies… and skulls… probably… *cough, cough, cough*

Chicas Guapas, by Mary Ann Farley“Chicas Guapas”, by Mary Ann Farley
Etsy Shop
Facebook Page

Expanding Bits of Fiction and Poetry into Haibun, 10

Ready for the last Expanding Bits of Fiction and Poetry into Haibun until May, my Luvs? This doesn’t mean that there will be no poetry next month. On the contrary, you’ll get 13 full-length poems via Dark Fiction for the Cruellest Month, and 30 poem bits on Instagram and on my Facebook Page. I think I just saw April grin. Yep, the flowery lady sure likes her poesy. 🙂

I have listed the poetic Bits I have shared on Instagram and Facebook, since my publication of “Forgiveness and Memory”. Leave a comment letting me know which Bit you would like to see developed into a haibun, and I shall expand the piece with the most votes. Please make your choice before Monday, March 28th, at 9:13am EDT.

1) Which Bit do you wish me to develop into a Haibun?
2) *optional* Why?

Here is the list, my Wicked Luvs:

Dark Poem Bits, by Magaly 3-21-16 (1)10. “Colors”
My dreams dance in colors.
Do yours?

Dark Poem Bits, by Magaly 3-21-16 (2)9. “Fear”
Fear opened his life to living decay.

8. “Winter Berries”
cloud-juice drenched,
my winter wrinkled berries—
dreaming of spring rain

7. “Creatures”
Strange Creatures:
Shakespeare, Carroll,
readers, unicorns, dragons…
as well as the less familiar
hairy beast, me.

Dark Poem Bits, by Magaly 3-21-16 (3)6. “Booklover”
Books light me up.

5. “Living Threads”
I’ve been weaving my words
for you… Gathering living threads
of smiles, of pain, of discovery, of loss,
of real dreams and dreamed realities…
I’ve been weaving them into a tapestry
of all my love… for you.

4. “Change”
With mind and heart, change the Earth.

Dark Poem Bits, by Magaly 3-21-16 (4)3. “City Bruised”
Chained limb and city bruised,
my will grows through your binds
from spring to winter to spring…

2. “Bliss”
Love is no myth,
he said.
Delight in its pleasures
and you’ll find your bliss.

1. “Blooming in Winter”
They’ve tried to tell her
that there is no blooming
in winter. But she has
the heart of an oak—
she will sprout her leaves
whenever she needs
(when she wants!)
to spring.

Since some of you don’t have Instagram or Facebook, I decided to share the images that go with the poem bits here. What do you think, my Wicked Luvs?