A Hugely Important Memo to Mrs. Gilson’s Day Nursery School Staff

Secretaries must wear stockings in flesh tones that please a gentleman of wealth. Ladies will dress in leather pantsuits, accessorized with inner-thigh holsters. Men will carry an assault rifle and their gods-given handgun (one for teaching, one for fun).

fresh news and old jokes
yell to all, “We aren’t equal!”
but the world sees naught


the wee notes…
– I was enjoying My Crowd: The Original Addams Family and Other Ghoulish Creatures, in an effort to convince my brain that all the changes in the weather aren’t hell on our sexy flesh and bones, when I ran into the cartoon above, and thought, Unholy crap clowns riding a sickly orange Segway! Charles Addams could draw the damned future. Then, this slightly disturbing haibun was born.
– linked to Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 and Poets United.


Every once in a while, I forget just how much I delight in Frankenstein(ing) my blackout poem bits. Then, the muse remembers, stitches them together, and we birth something deliciously warped:


Ink my body into temptation,
then art the darkness with my want.

You see, love is misery
and happiness,


when your words love me well,
the world finds all the right spots
and life moans her pleasure.

I want us—
cradled by our warped
selves, attached to our old
and terrible…
I want us.


the visual poetry

crafted for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 and Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 393).