Art Gives the Best Feels

I dreaded our reality, but wrote it anyway. We’ll only be art-lust, ink in love.

His reply bloomed red on my palm. Ink is everything.

Never feeling flesh-to-flesh? Never you in me? My skin drank the words, and waited…

Physical sex is a wonder,
but ardent love is an art.
Art gives the best feels.

the wee notes…
– To read other installments, visit my Stories and Web Serials page. The tales are listed under Ink and Feels.
– For this week’s bit of interactive writing yumminess, let us play with genre: would you like this story to be 1) pure Fantasy or 2) a dance with Magical Realism? For anyone not familiar with Magical Realism, think of it as storytelling that portrays realistic glimpses of the real world which include magical elements and/or lore that are very real for the minds that believe in them.
– Written for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55. Link to Poets United.

(this really, really, really tickled)

Power in Play and Ink

Brendan, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, invited us to “write a poem about power in [our lives] and the world… about power or creativity or instinct… heavenly or earthly powers…” I don’t know of anyone who’s heavenlier or earthier or modest(ier) than moi. So, as you might’ve predicted, I birthed a wee poem about things that feed my power:

There is power in mind-kissing
words and wit, which quickens
hips and heart-bits.

There is power in dancing
to well-fingered tunes, which kindles
brain and groin.

I find power in song and story…
in loving play… in lusty ink…

a wee note…
– It seems that I also find power in ellipses… *cough, cough… cough*
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden and Poets United.

“…dancing, and seeing into the darkness…”
The Craft, by Patricia Ariel