This Lingering Maybe

I carry his voice on my skin.

Earlier, between a bath and the moon, my breasts perked to his voice. “I’m yours.”

I left the tub, entered the bedroom. “Were you talking?”

“No,” he smiled, “just typing.”

I walked away, wondering if his fingers had spoken this lingering “Maybe…” stroking the small of my back.

the wee notes…
– I shared 2 paintings with friends on Facebook, and asked them which one they wanted me to write very short tales about. They chose the lady below, suggesting that there is something about her expression that made them (and me) want to know more about her.
– I will (very likely) shared a 55-word story every Thursday. I want to make this series of tales as interactive (and fun) as possible. So… you, my Wicked Luvs, get to choose 1 of 3 possible paths: 1) The voice she feels on her skin is produced by his thoughts/feelings. 2) She is imagining the voice. 3) The voice belongs to a character we’ve yet to meet.
– Written for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55.

Nude, by Shelle Kennedy

Let Me Love You Strange (or not at all)

“How ravished one could be without ever being touched. Ravished by dead words become obscene, and dead ideas become obsessions.” ~ Lady Chatterley’s Lover

I showed him the woman inside,
and gave him me—a wild story
of living sex and dirt and blood,
a poem inked in flesh and bone.

I told him I wanted to
dream words that inspire
tangible realities, and said,
“Ink no illusion you aren’t
willing (dying) to live.

Love me in ink, or not at all.
I am a poem in love—words
brewing normal inside out.
Let me love you strange,
relish in it (in us).”

I wanted him
in ink, hot and alive
inside flesh that burns
like love-drunk lust
trapped in shut lips.

I showed him I wanted
him (all of him) in ink,
or not at all.

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the visual poetry

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