I Collect Nightmares

I dream a lot, but I rarely have nightmares. I think that if I ever found myself haunted by terrible dreams, I would self-prescribe a generous dose of Granny Weatherwax’s headology. So… when Björn, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, asked, “How about the nightly visits?” I responded with a poem inspired by Granny’s headology, in Terry Pratchett’s Maskerade.

I collect nightmares.

Petunia was my first, named
after a great-aunt, who forced me
into pink lace, taffeta and chiffon,
topped by a brain-shrinking tiara.

She wilts under black ink,
runs screaming
at the sight of comfy jeans.

The Prick, my second nightmare,
wears eyes, teeth and stink
that fit Aunt Petunia’s son.
She says The Prick doesn’t exist;
but armed me with couch-talk
and pills of fog, to quiet
what might lurk in my dark.

Talk and fog make poor weapons
against crooked teeth and eyes aflame.
To collect The Prick, I had to craft
a heavy Nightmare-Be-Naught Stick.

On days of turmoil, The Prick
has tried to creep into my sleep;
but my Stick breaks his teeth
and puts out his eyes
before he can spread his stink.

I collect nightmares… and Sticks.

Headology: “Granny Weatherwax had never heard of psychiatry and would have had no truck with it even if she had. There are some arts too black even for a witch. She practiced headology—practiced, in fact, until she was very good at it. And though there may be some superficial similarities between a psychiatrist and a headologist, there is a huge practical difference. A psychiatrist, dealing with a man who fears he is being followed by a large and terrible monster, will endeavor to convince him that monsters don’t exist. Granny Weatherwax would simply give him a chair to stand on and a very heavy stick.” ~ Maskerade

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I Said No Bogeymen, by Zorm“I Said No Bogeymen”, by Zorm
(This illustration was inspired by Hogfather, a different Pratchett book. But the character’s reaction to the boogeyman makes me think that she, too, has heard of Granny’s headology.)

We Have an Obligation to Imagine… and I Do

Yesterday, my Piano Man and I went on our yearly New York Comic Con date. We have the super power of enjoying everything we do together, so we had a blast. My body has been glaring at me since before we left the convention. Experience suggests that recovery will take a day or three… most likely just one, since the meds I started about a month ago are finally working.

I’m sure that at least one person might be thinking, Why would you waste your time at a comic convention when you know that your body will be in agony for days as a result? It’s simple. Like Neil Gaiman suggests, “We have an obligation to imagine.” To imagine, I must do… at least a little. And when the pain gets nasty—and sometimes this happens even if I spend the whole day in bed—I need to have the memory of a lot of doing in order to imagine myself better.

Below, I’ve added a visual account of our day.

My Piano Man and I (and the rest of the horde) waiting for the doors to open…
New York Comic Con 2015, 1

This sign made me giggle (in a sad and frightening sort of way), so I had to share it…
New York Comic Con 2015, 2

Of the few costumes we saw, this was the best one. My Piano Man and I were amazed by her level of dedication—huge heavy hood, massive sword, and the girl’s on stilts!
New York Comic Con 2015, 3

My Rocket Raccoon found his friend Groot in the Comic Con wild…
New York Comic Con 2015, 4

I couldn’t believe the state of the TARDIS! I guess NYC can break the best of us…
New York Comic Con 2015, 5

On our way out, we ran into KITT, from Knight Rider, who was blasting 80’s music…
New York Comic Con 2015, 6

NYC won’t let you get away with something just because you’re famous…KITT got a ticket…
New York Comic Con 2015, 7

…I (and a bunch of other people) thought KITT and his ticket were very cool…
New York Comic Con 2015, 8

The booty…
New York Comic Con 2015, 9

I’m quite taken by my new Neil Gaiman tote and my old wee copy of Grimm’s Ghost Stories… By the way, the other side of the tote has the quote I used as the first part of the title of this post.
New York Comic Con 2015, 10

The fella on the cover of my new GGS must be related to the Crypt Keeper *cough*…
New York Comic Con 2015, 12

Only a terribly evil person would refuse to share the yum, so here is a bookish giveaway: leave a comment to win a copy of Charlene Harris’ Midnight Crossroad, a tote, and a copy of The Rich and the Dead, edited by Nelson DeMille.
New York Comic Con 2015, 13

Rocket and I promise to fight evil…
New York Comic Con 2015, 11

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