Love Your Dark

I like real problems, the human condition—twisted, darker stuff. ~ Drea de Matteo

I have never left you,
my heart, you stopped seeing me
when you forgot how to
love your dark.

I watched you watching me,
seeing your wild fire burning
in my eyes and thinking
all that want (and wicked) was mine


I still watch for you,
my heart, believe that

in my hands
your twisted is safe…
believe me—

I haven’t left,
you stopped seeing me

loving you.

Today is National Handwriting Day, so…

…and a bit more.
The background is a page from Vampiros, an anthology illustrated by Meritxell Ribas Puigmal.


for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

No Riddles Here

Kiss me…
as if heart-ripping yesterdays never happened
and tomorrow might not be.

Touch me…
as if today is everything
and future Maybes are a dream.

Want me only
if you need me,


if you don’t need me,
don’t make me want.

I promise you, Love,
there are no riddles here
but a map.

• for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 and Poets United.

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(the background is from Beowulf, illustrated by David Rubín)