Driftwood, Sun, Smiles and Stones

“The sun is gone, but I have a light.” ~ Kurt Cobain

Yesterday was a tough day for me. The side effects of my medications started dancing with the symptoms of a nasty cold, and my body was a mess of dizziness, sneezes and nausea… No fun, I tell you. I considered going out for a walk—the sun was so bright and yesterday was supposed to be our last summery day. I put on some shorts, a t-shirt, and I think I almost got a foot in a sock before the nausea said that I was going nowhere but to bed. I know not to argue with nausea.

I tried to sleep for a while, but my brain wasn’t having any of that. So I went for the next best thing—I looked at photographs from our recent trip to Friday Harbor. This is one of the reasons I love pictures (and stories) so much. When our flesh and bones can’t take us where we want to go, photos and tales offer a glorious alternative. Do you revisit your pictures often?

The photo below, of my Piano Man and my Mother-in-Law, is one of my favorites from the trip. I love the colors, the huge smiles, the driftwood and sun, and the fact that it tells me exactly what my Piano Man is going to look like when we are older and even more awesome.

I collected most of these stones very near to where my Piano Man and my Mother-in-Law were sitting. I’m thinking about painting some of them… I must get some paint markers first.

While collecting my stony treasures, I noticed my Piano Man and the Little Princess through a pile of driftwood. She was about to get in the water. It was freezing, but the sun was yummy.

The Little Princess shivered in the waves, and I searched for some of Nature’s latest crafty pieces.

After that, I spend some time watching the waves claim a ginormous piece of wood (my Piano Man might’ve given the waves a hand… and a foot).

It was a wonderful day, in South Beach with my loves… And by the time I was done reliving the trip through the pictures, my nausea was gone, I was smiling, and I was able to sleep. “The sun is gone, but I have a light.” I have many lights—in photos, in tales… in you, my Wicked Luvs.

I Am Tired…

…but still pushing for blooms.

My alarm woke me up at 5:00am. I took my medications and went back to bed—weeks of trying not to puke my guts out after taking my meds have helped me realize that sleeping an hour or two, after the morning doses, lowers their nauseating side effects. I got back up at 7 or so… my flesh and bones felt like a frozen lump of lead… I passed out again, and didn’t get up until noon…

I’m starting to feel rather sympathetic towards Spring. I’ve seen her trying her best to push Old Man Winter away—we’ve had a few days that kissed 70 degrees Fahrenheit, crocuses and tulips are starting to sprout, dogwoods are blooming, and the blue jay that steals my peppers has been making rounds… Spring is moving forward, even when she has to paddle through Winter’s ice.

True Spring will get here soon… then Summer’s heated kiss… But until Nature, my will (and manmade remedies) melt the ice out of my flesh and bones, I shall keep writing my-Self awake.

What have you been up to, my Wicked Luvs? How’s spring behaving in your bit of the world?

Tulip Sprout