In October, When All Things Can Be…

“What is normal? Normal is yesterday and last week and last month taken together.” This quote, from Terry Pratchett’s Snuff, came to mind while I watched two people discussing the use of metal detectors at the entrance of New York Comic Con. One person was upset because he didn’t think “other people’s problems should affect [his] Con”. The other was mad because “no one told [her about the change] before she got there”.

I listened to them, wondering if getting angry about things that have nothing to do with the real issue is going to be our society’s new “normal”. I also grinned a lot… in order not to kick them until the nonsense left their twitching bodies. Kicking strangers is wrong. You should only kick your friends, lovingly… if they are into that kind of stuff *cough, cough*.

Anyhoo, back to things that keep me sane. In case you missed them, last week, I published two pieces of tanka-prose: “Reclaimed” and “Wild Magic”. If you haven’t, take a look-see.

My Comic Con Hoard: not as impressive (in bulk) as in earlier years, but quite delicious. I mean, there is something about free books that makes a bibliophile happy, happy, happy.

For Ye, not on Instagram or Facebook: last week, I shared this magnetic bit *giggles*…

In the story of us,
you are naked
and I am plotting

…and some tanka.

Stitched words will
push flesh into flesh,
magic you
mine, in October—
when all things can be.

October’s Heart-Bits with Magaly Guerrero: are you in? If so, do you know what you will do for it? If you do, you are ahead of me. Knowing my muse, she will decide at the last minute—she uses anxiety as fuel, the mad thing. No wonder we love each other to pieces.

I Have a New Facebook Page: no, this is not an invitation to slap me around (for creating more places to you to get lost in). In truth, now that my profile is back to normal (for some time, no one could “Follow” me, and most of my posts were being marked as spam), I will use Words by Magaly Guerrero to share my words… plus, words on works that catch my eye (and possibly, my ear and heart and my left toe, which has always been a tad loose).

Even when the world looks bad, life still gives bits of good. Find bits of wonder, hold them close to your heart, feed on the joy they bring, let it grow… Then use the energy to face the big bad things. This week, my tiny-giant-bits of wonder are free books and this place (where I share words with you). Care to share one of your tiny wonders with me?

Of the Negativity that Oozes Out of the Term “Unfriending”… and Other Bits

When a friend of my said that she wanted to leave Facebook, but felt uneasy about “unfriending” people, I told her that she was nuts. “It’s just a social media platform,” I said. “You can keep up with friends through email, your blog, Instagram, Twitter, smoke signals…”

She continued to point out that some people would take it personal. “They’ll get upset,” she said. “Trust me. I’ve been down this road before.”

I said some nonsense about how I had gone to high school, too… and how we are thinking grown ups now… I’m sure I’ve said other things, which I totally take back now… Since I decided to leave my Facebook profile behind, in favor of my page, I have received the strangest reactions from friends. And I’m not even talking about the people with whom I interacted on a regular basis. The ones sending uncanny messages are individuals who rarely commented on anything I shared. The following wee list, are my responses to some of the inquiries I’ve received on the subject of no longer using my personal Facebook profile:

1. No, I’ve not gone from a profile to a page because someone did something terrible to me.
2. No, I didn’t stop using my profile because I’m mad at you and don’t want to admit it.
3. No, I’m not being stalked (thank goodness), or forced to leave my profile against my will.
4. No, my actions are not my way of thinning my Friend List, so that I can avoid certain people.
5. No, I swear that I’m not dying (at least not any faster than anyone else is… that I know of). Don’t laugh, my Wicked Luvs, more than one person asked if I was leaving Facebook because my illness took a turn for the worse and I’m “trying to let people down easy”.

I’m not quite sure what the last bit even means. If I were dying, I would probably friend more people, and make a lot of noise… You see, if I knew when I was going to die, I would make sure that my funeral was the party of the decade (perhaps the century), and it would be celebrated while I was still alive. As Granny Weatherwax might’ve said, “There is good eating at funerals.”

As you might imagine, I apologized to my friend (and told her that I was writing this post, and that she wasn’t nuts at all). I guess she knows more about these things than I do. I wonder if the word “unfriending” (a rather negative and inaccurate term, if you ask me) has anything to do with the way people react to this kind of thing. What do you think, my Wicked Luvs?

I decided to write this post because, well… writing stuff down, and sharing them with other thinking brains and feeling hearts, helps me make sense of things. And because a link to this entry will be added to the last post I’ll share on the wall of my personal Facebook profile, before I clear my Friends List of every name but 3: my Piano Man (if I remove him people might start asking if I murdered him, divorced him, or something), my Mother in Law (how else will I keep up with the news and with the best sociopolitical memes ever?), and The Boy (his heart would probably break if I stopped my motherly surveillance of prospective girlfriends, on whom I practice my wickedest mock stink eye). I shall do this on April 3rd.

The main reason behind all this has to do with the fact that having a Facebook profile and a page, which share the same name, makes it rather difficult for people to tag the right one. Speaking of tagging, the easiest way to tag a page in a post or comment is to add the @ symbol at the beginning of the page you’re searching for or tagging (i.e. @Magaly Guerrero).

Oops, this post got so long that I nearly forgot the “Other Bits”:

1. Dark Fiction for the Cruellest Month, 2016, starts on April 2nd.
2. 30 Days of Micro-Poetry in April, hosted by Rommy Driks and me, on our Facebook pages: Kestril’s Rhythms and Groove and Magaly Guerrero, respectively, starts tomorrow (April 1st).
3. I will no longer use my Facebook profile, but my Facebook page will include the same information I used to share on the profile. Only the location is changing. Also, here, at my cyber-home, everything will remain the same. I’m active on Instagram. And when the mood strikes me, I even tweet. Yes, the birds, too, find it a tad weird when I start chirping like a lunatic.

Facebook Page of Magaly Guerrero

Of the Cruellest Month and Other Bits…

Can you believe that this year has already eaten a whole month worth of its own tail? My January to-do list and I are still in shock. Oh well, things will get done when they do, right? I made no 2016 resolution… but if I had, it would have been to grin at life as it happens. The rest will end up happening anyway. Keeping that in mind, here is a bit on the happenings to come:

Don’t Turn Me into an Unintentional Liar, my Luvs
Several of you have asked if I’ll publish my next story collection in the spring. I want to scream, “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” But if I do that, then I might be lying thrice. I do want to publish it in April… All my desires have been set on it…


I just started a new gut treatment. I’ll have several involved procedures after the treatment ends, in March. I might be too sick to put my mind and body through the stress of publication. Keep your fingers crossed for no sickness, my Luvs. Send me healing winks and hugs. If things get too complicated in the spring, we shall welcome the new collection in autumn. As always, I will not let you starve. I’ll feed you bits of poetry and fiction until we get to the meal.

About Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month
Yes, my Wicked Luvs, I will be hosting my Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month event in 2016. I won’t offer 30 prompts in 30 days, but one prompt every few days. We’ll start on April 2nd. I’ve been playing around with the list, and it seems we’ll have 13 prompts. Like the last time, I shall publish the list a week or three in advance, so that everyone can get ready for the fun.

Health and Fitness and All that Good Stuff
Since last month’s “Exercising Is a Lot Like Having Sex” post, I’ve lost a bit over five pounds. I’ve reintroduced some meat and processed products (crackers, dry cereal, noodles…) into my diet. The beginning of the diet change was rough; my gut rebelled in every nasty way it could. But things are better. Oh, and I drink decaf now. I’m thrilled to report that decaffeinated coffee doesn’t suck. The only thing I dislike about my new eating requirements is that I can’t binge on raw fruits. I tried eating two cups of fresh pineapple—in case the doctors were wrong, you know?—it wasn’t pretty… Some of my most sensitive body parts are still not talking to me.

It’s Not You, It’s Me
I don’t spend much time on Facebook these days. I think Facebook moves much too quickly for my sexy languid bones. And Twitter? At lightspeed! But fear not, my Luvs, you can always find me here. My blog is my cyber-home. Also, if we interact on Instagram, then you know that I post a picture every day and love to lurk around the images you share. Google +? What Google +?

My Perfect Cabinets
The other day, my Piano Man sent me pictures of a cabinet he thought I would love… Then we went to see the cabinet together… And he was right, I loved it… But it didn’t fit in our car (and the delivery fee was an assault to my frugality). The day after, I had a doctor’s appointment. So what did my Piano Man do? He rented a moving van and got my cabinet home before I returned from the hospital. I was all squeals. Aren’t they just precious? (We got the smaller cabinet the day we went to see the bigger one). I love that he knows me and how he loves what he knows.

Cabinetsnow I better organize all the stuff I just sort of shoved into my perfect cabinets
*cough, cough, cough*
there is that horrid cough again