“Let Your Song Be Delicate”—or Not

Rosemary Nissen-Wade, The Passionate Crone, is currently hosting Poets United’s Midweek Motif… So the next poem is all her fault. I published “A Wild Witch’s Urban Garden” just yesterday, and I’m sure those of you who visit me often have noticed that I don’t blog every day… But I couldn’t resist Rosemary’s call, which chanted: “‘Let Your Song Be Delicate’—or Not. Take your pick—do some ‘delicate’ writing, or do its opposite: harsh!”

I was planning to hoard the following poem… Yes, I’m in the habit of keeping some bits of fiction and poetry for my own cackling pleasure. But after I posted the first two lines, as one of my Poem Bits on Instagram and Facebook, and a few people really identified with them… well, I had to share the whole thing here. What can I say? I’m a big wild softy… 😉 with an ellipsis problem, obviously.


Swallowed words
will rot.
The stillborn ideas
they wished to create
burst in the gut,
push up the throat
(through tongue and teeth),
poisoning all
ears within range;

infecting hearts,
which the Silent might love
or need—


The Hunger, by SunshineShelle
“The Hunger”, by SunshineShelle

She, Loneliest of All Skanks…

eternally wailing…
for company
that will never come.

running to her side…
blinded back, bloodied
by curled bladed lips.

A giant finger shushed
what lies behind the sun…
never forever;

when burned flesh and nail
exposes the finger sham,
Misery—loneliest of all skanks—
uncurls trembling lips…
and continues wailing
for companions
she knows
her blade has bled dried.

A Wee Note: this poem is an open window, an undeserved second chance. Someone made a nasty blunder fed by self-loathing, I think… or malice. I hope she fixes things.

linked to Poets United, Poetry Pantry 265

“Frankly, Frida Didn’t Give a Damn Either”, by SunshineShelle“Frankly, Frida Didn’t Give a Damn Either”, by SunshineShelle