Wild Mirth

Sanaa, mistress of A Dash of Sunny, said “Attitudes are contagious”. Then she asked, “Is yours worth catching?” I thought it was an excellent question, so I answered with tanka.

“Wild Mirth”

the song in my bones
springs winter into summer.
my flesh blooms wild mirth
that will spread from hands to lips,
to kiss the sun and melt snow

a wee
(scandalous) note…
– Yes, I’m in total lust with tanka… I’m sure it’s chronic. Also, I’m nearly certain that my sense of modesty died screaming a very long time ago. And thank goodness for that!
– Linked Sanaa’s to Prompt Nights.

“The Dance of Love”, by Leonid Afremov
find more of his work here

Readying the Tongue

With your kiss quickening the words in my blood, I disbelieve gone days, when my mind cared not to speak through your lips. I thought you limiting and dominating, manacled by rules and devices that shied Imagination. Then I saw the Muse twisting and gasping and spasming and howling her laughter… birthing feelings with faces I didn’t know could be.

With your kiss quickening the words out of my flesh and bone, I can’t see my days without you… giving shape to the storm and calm, dancing in the pits of my all—

under fire and ice,
hot springs cleanse and soothe the heart…
readying the tongue
to birth poems, the soul needs
stewed living and open minds

the wee notes…
– I haven’t loved poetry for very long. If you’ve been reading me for some time, you might remember days when I shouted my hatred of poetry into the world. Now, I think of those outbursts, and I can’t believe they came out of me. Storytelling remains my first love. But poetry has claimed a chunk of my heart that is just as huge. I feel lucky, lucky, lucky…
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Tuesday Platform).

“Duality”, by Patricia Ariel