Flashing Teeth in Melancholia’s Face

Have you ever had a conversation that leaves you staring at the person on the other end of the exchange, and thinking, I can totally see why someone would want to avoid your company?

I know how mean that sounds, my Luvs, but the person in question deserves that and perhaps a bit more. Then again, it’s likely that I wrote this while still too upset about the nonsense that oozed out of her mouth, so the things that came out of my brain’s mouth weren’t all that pretty.

Anyway, I was talking to someone, mayhap a family member *cough, cough, cough*, who called me to complain about her daughter not wanting to spend time with her. After a little while, she asked me how I was holding up (the anniversary of my little brother’s death is only a day away). I told her that I was all right, a bit melancholic, but that’s not unexpected.

“I’m going to spend the day cleansing my altar, listening to music, rearranging my books, and delighting in some gifts I got from friends,” I said. “I will be sad—I doubt anything will ever change that—but focusing on the people I still have always does wonders for my spirit.”

“I know what your problem is,” she said.

“My problem?” I said, not caring for what I had just heard in her voice. “What problem?”

“You know,” she said, her tone adding to the annoyance brewing in my gut, “not being able to find peace after your brother has been gone for 3 years. Someone who is not in The Lord’s—”

I ended the conversation before she spewed something I couldn’t forgive. And before my outrage told her what her problem was. You know, having a daughter who wants nothing to do with her?


…enough of that.

I know better than to waste too much time being upset at someone who doesn’t quite understand the maliciousness that lies at the heart of her well-meaning intentions. I prefer to enjoy my altar, my music, my books and the latest yummy bits I got from friends and from moi.

I promised myself that as soon as I got rid of certain mess I had in the middle of the bedroom floor, I would reward my efforts with a jar from Touch of the Goddess. Well, the mess has been gone for some time… So I got my “Dream” jar. Isn’t it just precious?
Dream Jar, by Sharon

And because Sharon loves to hear me (read me?) squeal, she sent a Muse to accompany my jar. Look at all this black and red yumminess. I’m completely in love with my fiery Muse.
Fire Goddess, by Sharon

Here she is with a few friends… 😉
Fire Goddess, by Sharon (2)

A certain nurse surprised me with an R2-D2 humidifier and a wee Darth Vader wireless speaker. The pair makes me giggle (Rocket Raccoon and Friday Lavender joined The Force *cough*).
Vader and R2D2

My dearest Ms Misantropia sent me a deliciously red and goldish bracelet and a Dawn of the Dead deck of cards (try saying that thirteen times fast!). Can you tell how well she knows me?
Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

Since I first saw the bracelet, I’ve been wondering about the symbols on the charms…

Sharon also sent me a copy of “Sometimes a Wild God”, a poem by Tom Hirons, with illustrations by Rima Staines. And guess what? You can listen to the poem on SoundCloud.
Sometimes a Wild God, by Tom Hirons

Thanks so much, Sharon, Katarina, and P. Your gifts add all kinds of sparkles to my grin. To all who have called, emailed, texted… to remind me that you are there for me if I need you, I thank you from the warmest pits of my wild witchy heart. I might have to go into my loud-audiobook-and-even-louder-music-cave, in order to digest my grief in solitude, but knowing that you are keeping me in your thoughts makes me flash happy teeth into melancholia’s face. (( 😀 ))

Autumn Has a Thing for Blood-Red

While walking home from the library, I noticed a flower that made me think of sun and blood. I stared at the bloom for a while… from different angles… touched a couple of its petals…and then, I began to laugh. I must’ve laughed too loud because a woman stopped a few steps from me to ask if I was okay. “Sure,” I said, still grinning and pointing at the flower, “I’m just a bit surprised that I never realized that autumn seems to like blood-red nearly as much as I do.” The woman crossed the street without saying another word. And I giggled.

My mind is always full of thoughts and observations that might seem uncanny to people who don’t know me. Which is why I don’t make it a habit to talk to strangers about blood and fall. But my pain levels were so high these last few days that my brain was busy keeping me from crumbling. So yeah, things like being mindful of strangers’ sensibilities were not a top priority.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share that pinch of delicious madness with you… Mostly because every time I think about it, I start giggling… And we all need a bit of a giggle every now and again. Of course, the blood-red bloom that enticed the random nuttiness deserves at least a haiku:

sun filled, she
and her blush crimsoned—
with blood strokes

Now let me show you the Halloween yumminess I received from two of the wickedest of Luvs.

Ms Misantropia sent me some sparkly goodies and a balloon (which I’ll probably have to fight the Little Princess for… and she’ll win… that girl is very determined). This was the perfect detail, since I want to decorate my Poem Bits cork board with things that make me think of friends.
Halloween Yummies

Oma Linda sent Halloween bling and crafty bits for the Little Princess and me. I suspect that every single thing with a smooth surface will have its name stamped on it before the end of the calendar year (Did I mention that the Little Princess really loves labeling things?).
Halloween Yums

I love the other side of the heart. 🙂

I shared this picture with Facebook and Instagram friends. But since I love looking at myself, I figured that I would share it here, too. Wow, I get more stunning (and less modest) every year.
Magaly Guerrero 2015

Fine, I will stop rambling. I know you are waiting to know the identity of the Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances giveaway winners. Well, I present you the lucky ones:

Sunshine Shelle’s Giveaway
1st – Nina: “‘Til Death”
2nd – Oma Linda: Customized Painting
3rd – Michelle Willms: $20 Voucher

Three Cats and a Broom’s Giveaway
Sharon – The Ghost Tarot, by Davide Corsi

Gothic Miniatures’ Giveaway
Jonquil – Graveyard Mini Book

Eliora’s Giveaway
Edited on 10/23 (The first winner did not reply within 48 hours)
Lee Smith – Ancestor/Love One Honoring Ritual Chest

post-Comic Con Booty Giveaway
Ms Misantropia – Charlene Harris’ Midnight Crossroad, a tote, and a copy of The Rich and the Dead, edited by Nelson DeMille.

Alchemy & Ashes’ Giveaway
Edited on 10/23 (The first winner did not reply within 48 hours)
Hedgewitch – Salem Village Cider Soap and a Spiced Orange Lip Balm

And the Winners of the Virtual Basket
Sunshine Shelle – “Evermore”, by Magic Love Crow; “Skull Tea Set”, by Rhissanna; $31 credit for any of the shops sponsoring the party, an e-copy of AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories, an e-copy of Thorn in Red, and an e-copy of Blooming Howls, by Magaly Guerrero

* Since the “Clean and Clear Smudging Mist”, by Touched of the Goddess, was meant for U.S. residents only, I used Randomizer to select a second name for the smudging mist: Lee Smith.

Congratulations, my Wicked Darling Winners!
Please message me with your mailing info (magalyguerrero @ live . com)
and I’ll forward it to the sponsors.

Halloween is coming… I better go find myself a dead tree. 😉

Death Rites and Remembrances (Witches in Fiction 2015)

“My words taste of you
I await the fall,
when October thins
all barriers,
and you feel me, still

loving you through the Veil.”

Welcome to Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances.

This year, we are using fiction, crafts, poetry, sculptures, painting, myths, and a slice of life or three to celebrate the memories of loved ones who no longer dance in the world of the living.

The journey started with “‘Til Death”, a painting by Sunshine Shelle. You saw the work in progress in the first pre-party post; now you get to witness the magic of the finished piece. For the chance to win “‘Till Death”, a customized painting by Shelle, and/or a $20 voucher, fly over to “Loving You through the Veil” and enter the first Witches in Fiction 2015 giveaway.
1. Til Death, by Sunshine Shelle
The celebration was carried forward by Three Cats and a Broom, in the shape of Davide Corsi’s The Ghost Tarot; read Shaking It and Twisting It until It Says Yes, to enter the giveaway.
2. The Ghost Tarot, from Three Cats and a Broom

No remembrance event would be quite complete without a graveyard. So please follow the link to “A Rattle and a Wee Book on Her Grave”, for a chance to win the Gothic Miniatures’ handmade book that inspired the tale with the graveyard in it.
3. Graveyard Mini Book, by Gothic Miniatures

At the heart of Death Rites and Remembrances, Eliora’s Loved One Honoring Ritual Chest planted the seed that sprouted a poem of “Love, Death, [and] Memories”. Losing someone we love hurts, regardless of circumstances… Eliora’s giveaway offers gentle soothing for the soul.
4. Ancestor - Loved One Honoring Ritual Chest, by Eliora

Speaking of soothing, Alchemy & Ashes’ giveaway contains Salem Village Cider Soap and a Spiced Orange Lip Balm, which should offer needed calm… while we “Remember the Witches”.
5. Handmade Soap and Lip Balm, by Alchemy and Ashes

The sixth (and last) Witches in Fiction 2015 giveaway is a virtual basket put together by Magic Love Crow, Rhissanna, Touch of the Goddess, and the Wickedest Witchy Writer of Them All (yes, moi). Just open the door to my previous post, to delight in Seven Dark Haiku and a Basket Full of Yum.

“Evermore” (detail), by Magic Love Crow
6. Evermore, by Magic Love Crow (detail)

“Skull Tea Set”, by Rhissanna
7. Skull Tea Set, by Rhissanna

“Clean and Clear Smudging Mist”, by Touch of the Goddess
8. Clean and Clear Smudging Mist, by Touch of the Goddess

From Magaly Guerrero:
~ a $31 credit for any of the shops sponsoring the party
~ an e-copy of AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories
~ an e-copy of Thorn in Red
~ and, an e-copy of Blooming Howls
9. Books, by Magaly Guerrero

Instructions for the Wicked darling Partiers

Please leave me a comment sharing your thoughts about this post or about what this year’s party did (or is doing) for you. At the end of the comment, add the title of your post and the direct link to it (for an example of what I mean, read the first comment). Every couple of hours (while I’m awake), I will add your posts to the Party List as you leave the direct links at the end of your comments. This will become the party archive.

Party List:
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Witches in Fiction 2015... Death Rites and Remembrances
Thanks so much for participating in Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances. Do visit the Wicked darling Partiers who chose to add their touch, time and thoughts to this event. The experience has already been extra rewarding for me… I wish, I wish, I wish the very same for you.

♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

'Til Death, by Sunshine Shelle (Detail)

“‘Til Death”, by Sunshine Shelle (detail)