Of the Cruellest Month and Other Bits…

Can you believe that this year has already eaten a whole month worth of its own tail? My January to-do list and I are still in shock. Oh well, things will get done when they do, right? I made no 2016 resolution… but if I had, it would have been to grin at life as it happens. The rest will end up happening anyway. Keeping that in mind, here is a bit on the happenings to come:

Don’t Turn Me into an Unintentional Liar, my Luvs
Several of you have asked if I’ll publish my next story collection in the spring. I want to scream, “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” But if I do that, then I might be lying thrice. I do want to publish it in April… All my desires have been set on it…


I just started a new gut treatment. I’ll have several involved procedures after the treatment ends, in March. I might be too sick to put my mind and body through the stress of publication. Keep your fingers crossed for no sickness, my Luvs. Send me healing winks and hugs. If things get too complicated in the spring, we shall welcome the new collection in autumn. As always, I will not let you starve. I’ll feed you bits of poetry and fiction until we get to the meal.

About Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month
Yes, my Wicked Luvs, I will be hosting my Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month event in 2016. I won’t offer 30 prompts in 30 days, but one prompt every few days. We’ll start on April 2nd. I’ve been playing around with the list, and it seems we’ll have 13 prompts. Like the last time, I shall publish the list a week or three in advance, so that everyone can get ready for the fun.

Health and Fitness and All that Good Stuff
Since last month’s “Exercising Is a Lot Like Having Sex” post, I’ve lost a bit over five pounds. I’ve reintroduced some meat and processed products (crackers, dry cereal, noodles…) into my diet. The beginning of the diet change was rough; my gut rebelled in every nasty way it could. But things are better. Oh, and I drink decaf now. I’m thrilled to report that decaffeinated coffee doesn’t suck. The only thing I dislike about my new eating requirements is that I can’t binge on raw fruits. I tried eating two cups of fresh pineapple—in case the doctors were wrong, you know?—it wasn’t pretty… Some of my most sensitive body parts are still not talking to me.

It’s Not You, It’s Me
I don’t spend much time on Facebook these days. I think Facebook moves much too quickly for my sexy languid bones. And Twitter? At lightspeed! But fear not, my Luvs, you can always find me here. My blog is my cyber-home. Also, if we interact on Instagram, then you know that I post a picture every day and love to lurk around the images you share. Google +? What Google +?

My Perfect Cabinets
The other day, my Piano Man sent me pictures of a cabinet he thought I would love… Then we went to see the cabinet together… And he was right, I loved it… But it didn’t fit in our car (and the delivery fee was an assault to my frugality). The day after, I had a doctor’s appointment. So what did my Piano Man do? He rented a moving van and got my cabinet home before I returned from the hospital. I was all squeals. Aren’t they just precious? (We got the smaller cabinet the day we went to see the bigger one). I love that he knows me and how he loves what he knows.

Cabinetsnow I better organize all the stuff I just sort of shoved into my perfect cabinets
*cough, cough, cough*
there is that horrid cough again

Of Writing and Witchy Living

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had the most wonderful of times with family and friends. I wish those who hunger—for food, shelter, health, freedom…—find their much needed nourishment very soon. I spent most of the holiday reading about tummy medical procedures to come, and baring my teeth at what might be a mild food allergy that interferes with my swallowing… upcoming tests shall say more…

In between teeth baring and reading, I wrote poetry and fiction and crafted a bit… and worked, very slowly, on a Pay It Forward project for which I’m about three years past due *cough, cough, cough*. There has been some stretching and exercising, too. I was cleared to work out again, but at such a slow pace that the boredom might urge me to pull my hair out before I can get any real benefit from the so called physical training. Don’t start yelling, my Luvs! I am being rather careful. Patient? Well, that’s a whole different tale.

Speaking of tales and such, I finished the story inspired by “Balance”, the short Bit that won the sixth Expanding Wee Bits of Dark Fiction and Poetry. I shall publish it at the beginning of the week. It just doesn’t feel like a Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving weekend tale. Also, I’ve been editing a collection I aim to publish in the spring—in electronic and print formats *overexcited giggles and delight-filled cackles*. At the same time, I’m trying to figure out the best way to integrate my spoken words and Expanding Wee Bits features. I’m thinking of a biweekly thing… but I’m not sure yet.

Last, but never least, I’ve been finding homes for my urban driftwood—AKA all the logs and sticks I collect during my walks around my NYC woods. The piece below made the perfect shelf for “Mistress Moon”, by SunshineShelle, and its companions: Oma Linda’s wee cabinet of curiosities, Eliora’s wee bottle, and Sharon’s wand.

Urban Driftwood

What have you been up to, my Wicked Luvs?