Make Yourself Fortunate

“what if a dawn of a doom of a dream
bites this universe in two”
~ e. e. cummings


She shared bits of Clancy and Hansen and McEntire and cummings and Bass with us… and then invited us to poetize “What ifs…”. You need not use the exact words, she said to us. You need not provide answers, she said to us. So, I did (it felt good):


Dear me (who inks life
what should I do if…

…misfortune claims me
day and night and in between,
stealing the moon out of my dark
and burning the sun
out of my light?

What if…
…fate makes me
a plaything, stripped of self-
worth and desire
to be?

What if…
…my flesh morphs
out of my grasp, my wild-
spirit becomes a memory
in a stranger’s past,
and I stop
seeing anything
but bad, bad, bad…?

What if…
…everything makes me
misfortune’s puppet?


Dear me (who inks real
life), craft wild new ways
to show your teeth—
make yourself fortunate
again, again, again…


the visual poetry


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