The Book of Dust (and my tote bag lust)

“Go places without actually moving.” These words appear on one of the tote bags I got at BookCon. I love the quote because it’s true—books take us to all sorts of wonderful, terrifying, heart-ripping, mind-teasing, entertaining and enlightening… places, and the only thing we must do is read them…

…unless you like to read your favorite books before they are officially out…

…if that’s the case, then there might be a serious amount of moving involved…

…but if you are anything like moi—and Rommy and my Piano Man and the rest of the word lovers who attended BookCon 2017—then you won’t mind the walking one bit.

Let’s see, I got a copy of The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman, which contains a few pages from The Book of Dust, a new volume in His Dark Materials. Inside the book, I also found a lovely print that celebrates the upcoming publication. Yes, I’m all giggles.

There were other yummy books, too… even some doubling for sharing with you later…

…plus miscellaneous goodies…

…that include audio and electronic books yum for sharing with you… now. Just tell me which one you would like, and it’ll be yours. First tell, first serve… until they are gone.

I will even face my deep greed and the wrath emanating out of my Tote Bag Lust, and share one of my delightful totes, when the sharing of the printed books comes. Unless you are wishing for my banned books or A Clock Work Orange totes. “Mine!”

Oh, and yes… I am an unremorseful ellipsisoholic.

And if you haven’t joined the Beautiful Freaks Fest, well… why not? It will be freaking fantastic and beautifully festive. Emma told me. And I believe in the wisdom of her Groovy Gothic ways. Just follow the link, and help us celebrate wonder and weirdness.

37 thoughts on “The Book of Dust (and my tote bag lust)

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Grand #1 really enjoyed Jacky Ha-Ha. Looking forward to more Dark Materials. I like the Burn & Destroy tote.

    • I suspect the Little Princess will enjoy it, too. What I read from the blurb sounds just like something she’ll like.

      And I am sooo psyched about going back to His Dark Materials!

  2. Been almost 17 years, since I have been to a con, which celebrates books, of any type. Nowadays, I consider myself. lucky, to take transit or go shopping, without an anxiety hitting me. Sigh, there’s nothing like smelling a new book, as you read it. How I envy you, Magaly.

    • The struggle is real, TBL is very difficult to fight. I don’t think that I’m strong enough to join TBA… unless they give every new member a tote. You know, for joining. 😀

  3. Oh my gosh lol…how does your pianoman manage to carry all those goodies home for you??? *cos we all know your hands would be too busy grabbing and stroking to carry anything mwahahahaha…:D XXX

  4. My goodness would ya look at all those goodies and books!❤️ I am so glad you guys enjoyed your trip 😀 and gosh that tote bag is LOVE! 😀 It’s good to have you back! Missed you!❤️

  5. I think Pullman’s Dark Materials series is one of the best fantasies written this side of Lord of the Rings, despite the awful movie and other vilification.

    I would love to attend a book festival with you… it could only be an exciting time.

  6. This looks like it was a great event. I love how when I am reading is come back all tired like I was actually there and had to travel the distance back.

    • I read an excerpt of the first new book and it’s a prequel. It starts with Lord Asriel visiting Lyra when she’s a baby. I wonder if it might be nice to rereading them afterwards. Oh, heck, we can reread them before and after. 😀

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