The Cinderella Man

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” ~ C.S. Lewis

“The thirteenth foot’s different, sir. We’ve a second killer.”


“Doubt it, sir.”

“Why? The note is exclusive to this case, but the glass slipper and severed toes are identical. Even if the big toe was mutilated and stitched back—”

“That’s no toe, sir. The note reads, ‘No more happy endings for this prick’”.

a wee note (not provided by the killer)
– this is a work of fiction. Fairytale references are the products of my eerie imagination and used in a creepily fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events isn’t coincidental at all, since it was totally inspired by Camila Domonoske’s article, “Human Feet Still Washing Up in Pacific Northwest, But Don’t Panic”.
– for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55.


41 thoughts on “The Cinderella Man

  1. I see you picked the totally weirdest of the weird news, and ran with it. I am laughing–possibly because I live with someone who is addicted to CSI Everything–but more likely just because this is hilarious. Thanks for taking the time and energy to play the 55 *and* to lift my spirits before you go off to be tortured, dear Magaly–I hope it is brief and helpful torture.

  2. Fairy tales are no laughing matter, as I’ve always said.

    As soon as I’m done excavating the remains of Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house (which I’ve finally located, after years of searching), you’re all going to agree with me.

  3. Deliciously gruesome, spooky – and funny! My favourite line in the original news article is, “… if a foot happens to be in a type of shoe that floats …” Weird enough to think of so many feet washing up – but SHOD feet?

    Btw I so adore the shoe you used in illustration. That’s the ultimate glass slipper!

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