The Day Before the Soirée

Dearest Wicked Luvs,

Since I’ve been pelting you with Drusilla’s letters, nonstop for a week, I thought it might be sensible to give you a day to catch up with the reading before the Soirée. Here are the Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote tales, in order of publication:

A Date for the Vampire’s Day Soirée (1st Letter)
Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote (2nd Letter)
A Hauntingly Mad Tea Party (3rd Letter)
A Charming Unkindness of One (4th Letter)
Four Sutural Enhancements and a Velvet Cape (5th Letter)
Special Interests (6th letter)


Drusilla Amarantha Tepes, the Only
by Emma Yardis, of Groovy Gothic

15 thoughts on “The Day Before the Soirée

  1. Loved reading all of Drusilla’s letters Magaly 😀 and also enjoyed reading the backstories ” Camp Cute, Creepy and (Quite Conveniently) Remote, from Red’s POV” and “Unveiled” ❤️ Can’t hardly wait for the next one! 😀

    Lots of love,

  2. Thanks for the breathing space to read all of Drusilla’s letters together Magaly, so wonderful to untie the ribbon on them all again and get reacquainted. I’ll look forward to the postie bringing the next installment tomorrow.

    Happy epistolaring (I think I might have just made that word up but I’m sure you’ll get what I mean. 🙂 )

    • I’m sure you’ll come up with something supper yummy for tomorrow (today for you, I guess). And you might even be able to save the other project for May Monster Madness, since she is our precious little monster. 😀

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