The Rough Music

Your fear-torch can’t burn my might,
or force me or mine to stand aside.
Soul to soul, we are all connected
by the music that warms the heart
and entices the brain to dance true,

eventually. She will see your moves
for what they are, and you’ll lose
steps… and face.

That sound? Oh, just my words
putting on their combat boots,
tapping their This Is Enough Crap
sisterly tune. To kick you with?
Of course not! We aren’t you.

when kicks morph into shoves,
words can’t speak for all the hurt
your misdeeds have played
into our boots.

You started the beat, un-dear fiend…
But once the music hits the flesh,
the dance gets rough and feeds
on stress, leaving control to be held
by none.

Partly inspired by one of my favorite quotes, from Terry Pratchett’s I Shall Wear Midnight:

“You set the rough music on me, didn’t ya?”

“No one controls the music, Mr. Pretty—you know that. It just turns up when people have had enough. No one knows where it starts. People look around, and catch on another’s eye, and give each other a little nod, and other people see that. Other people catch their eye and so, very slowly, the music starts and somebody picks up a spoon and bangs it on a plate, and then somebody else bangs a jug on the table and boots starts to stamp on the floor, louder and louder. It is the sound of anger, it is the sound of people who have had enough. Do you want to face the music?”

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and Rereading My Pratchett

Music Girl Rebecca, by PlaviDemon“Music Girl Rebecca”, by PlaviDemon

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78 thoughts on “The Rough Music

  1. Oh my goodness 😀 this is incredible! Especially love “She will see your moves for what they are, and you’ll lose steps… and face.” Love the fiery emotion. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support 🙂

    Lots of love,

  2. “Just my words putting on their combat boots”. Wow! What a line! I couldn’t help but think that this poem could be dialogue from one of the Circle confronting the one that caused a sister to cheek plant on a city sidewalk. Me thinks a fleshier story be a brewing under my wicked lady’s curls, and I am ready for it!

  3. the dance gets rough and feeds
    on stress, leaving control to be held
    by none.

    Once it gets going, music can end up any which way. Jazzing it up can have everyone putting in their bit. It is ok if control is stifled as music soothes the rough edges. Great ending Magaly!


    • Thank you, Hank.

      Music has such an effect on body and soul. We might know what nudges us to start the dance, but after everyone is sweaty and feeling a bit wild… well, all kinds of things can get started. And ended.

  4. This is so true, Magaly–and so full of the light we can’t let go of, even when the sun appears to shine, because always it seems, inside some peoples’ hearts, another wave of darkness is coming. You catch the feel of perilous times, and the call they make on our courage and our spirits. Love the Pratchett quote.

    • Some situations seem to be born to burst… And with all the stepping and spinning, the outcome is almost predictable. And I, too, love that quote. I think it is made stronger by the fact that the one speaking the words is a teenage witch, who finds herself having to carry the responsibilities of an entire clan. She has to learn so much and so fast…

  5. So much “Oooooow-ness” in one post 😀 Congrats Laura, you will love the energy in MLC’s artwork*I has several pieces and so may be a little biased* 😀 XXX

  6. This PERFECTLY matches the mood I’ve been in the last few days, which was only amplified when I saw my eldest and his schoolmates give a rousing performance of Do You Hear the People Sing during their Les Miserables performance. I feel inspired to roar!

    • I think spring is going to be filled with much roaring. It starts with the snow (we are supposed to get) on the first day of spring. And then, our poetry… 😀

      Congratulate Max for me!

  7. This is dark and angry and certainly seems to feed on stress. I suppose by reading others work you can see the possibilities of our writing and being able to extract such emotion that even we ourselves div’t think possible.

  8. An imaginative journey into dark parts of the psyche. I love the Pratchett quote and where it took your muse.

  9. Really an emotion-packed write! Love the idea of words putting on combat boots tapping their This is Enough Crap tune! I definitely FEEL its beat!

  10. “….when kicks morph into shoves….” the rough dance indeed. Powerful read here. The “beat” of music takes a dangerous turn. Rough one to read as we know its truth lies out there for far too many. Penned so very well!

  11. What a fabulous anthem! Strong words to hole above the crass ones being spoken now….really adore this!

    ‘That sound? Oh, just my words
    putting on their combat boots,
    tapping their This Is Enough Crap
    sisterly tune. To kick you with?
    Of course not! We aren’t you.’

  12. ha, the rough music can be equal to weapon, doesn’t it? and how dangerous it is when the control is lost….but the music is catalyst to real feelings and relationships… lots of themes here are open to continue interpret… ~ alive imagery, cool poem!

  13. Hi Magaly
    Any poem inspired by a Terry Pratchett quote is a winner for me. I loved especially the powerful imagery contained in the poem, the sense of determination is very strong.

  14. This had a country-like feel to it. Sorta like Shania Twain’s Come On Over album mashed with Beyonce-tude. I loved it, thanks for sharing it with us. #dance,dance,dance

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