These Roots Were Made for Walking, a Giveaway

She’s an artist, a dirt worshiper, a professional magpie and a story painter. The she I speak of is Caitlynn Abdow. One of her drawings inspired my poem, “Heart and Guts Make the Blooms Grow Brighter”. When she offered me the piece, I squealed like a blooming lunatic! Then, after breathing out some of my greed, I decided that the drawing would make a perfect Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month giveaway. Don’t you think so, my Wicked Luvs?

These Roots Were Made for Walking“Tulip Girls”, by Caitlynn Abdow

Caitlynn’s artwork tells stories of mythical surrealism dancing with motifs that make life rich and real. If you visit her cyber-home, and look at pieces like “Samhain”, “Yule” and “Gemini”, you’ll probably feel what I mean. Read her Accumulative Realists Collective statement for more.

To Enter the Giveaway: leave a comment letting me know what you like best about the piece.

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These Roots Were Made for Walking, a Giveaway

Giveaway Rules, details and stuff…
* I need to be able to contact the winner. If you don’t have a website or social media profile, through which we can interact, please add your email to your comment. If your name comes up, and I have no way of contacting you, I’ll choose another name.
* To my Canadian Luvs, before you can claim your prize, I must challenge your math skills by asking you a very obscure question, such as… what’s 13 + .5? Yeah, as obscure as the law

* This giveaway ends on May 2nd, 2016, at 10:13 pm, EDT. The name of the winner will be added to the end of this post on May 3rd, and I will contact him or her on the same day.
* This giveaway is open worldwide, excluding any place where prohibited by law.

April 3rd, 2016
And the giveaway winner is… Khaya Ronkainen.
Congratulations, dear Khaya!
Please send me your mailing info (magalyguerrero @ live . com)
and I shall forward it to Caitlynn.

33 thoughts on “These Roots Were Made for Walking, a Giveaway

  1. What a lovely idea, the giveaway! I love art but can never afford it 🙂
    Anyway, when I first saw this drawing with your poem, it reminded me of a British-Nigerian artist, Yinka Shonibare whose work I greatly admire (sculptures without heads or with animal heads, etc.). Even though his contemporary art depicts cultural identity, colonialism, etc., there’s some kind of parallel, and a refreshing approach that certainly makes one stop and think.

    • The best thing one can ask of one’s art is for it to make people “think”. And I’m completely with you when it comes to the comparison and your assessment of the work of both artists.

  2. Yes! Blood & Bone is put on as fertiliser for precious blooms (and it STINKS)! Of course I love this artwork and off to see more of her bloomin’ work xox

  3. OMG!!! ALL CAITLYNN’S ART ARE OBJECTS OF DESIRE… ok settle down petal… I got very excited to be invited to view an orgy of awesome canvases… my fav (there are so many) Domicile (it’s the halo of fish, oh I just realised subliminal Catholic undertones projected)… but also Yule… so, I kept trying to translate… the story, so sad, tender. ALSO… being Oz & we love homes (like watch ‘The Castle’ movie, totally so true, imprinted at birth) OK… ‘Home is where the Heart is’ so funky, ‘Lost in Space’ meets family fortress… so cool, really, love the work (All) xox

    • I go overexcited with the “post comment” button… I wanted to add that I hope you checked her AR Collective. I’m quite taken by the concept, and I believe you might be, too. 😉

      • I had read, love reading about creative babes, and Caitlynn is VERY CREATIVE, love her storytelling idea through art (YES I DO!) and using it to ‘reconnect’ I think it attributes to the unique feel to her work(?) also the fact I straight away responded to the art on her gallery of work as it provided so much more than beautiful images to ‘look’ at, my mind started seeing/creating/reading stories for the people AND locations in her work 🙂 Another thing I liked learning about Caitlynn was that she does tattoos, (I am cleanskin but LOVE the art of tatts)… Yes I love the collective concept… Envious even 😉 Unfortunately living where I am, I am in a collective of 1 hehe

        • I just knew you’d love her work as much as I do. And I agree with everything about how her paintings call for stories (in that aspect, it reminds me of the work of an artist who happens to be a collective of 1 *cough*).

          One day, we’ll be closer… I just know it!

  4. What I like best is that different blooms draw Tulips together instead of apart. I also like the delicate tinting on limbs instead of solid stem-green. Have you seen Rembrandt & Parrot tulips before?

    • Yay! I was going to tell you about “Amethyst” and “Owl and Smoky Quartz”, but held my tongue to see if you’d like them as much as I thought you might. I just knew those crystals would sing into your heart. 😀

  5. I love that picture! It’s very urban fantasy, can’t you imagine a story where the women have flower heads! I would definitely be the purple flower lady! Also it reminds me of you!

    I love the Domicile painting with the woman with all the fish swimming around her head. It reminds me of Del from The Sandman and The Lady of the Lake. Also how you sometimes feel when there are too many thoughts in your head!~

    • I can certainly imagine that tale (especially since I have two characters that are in total bloom *cackles*). And of course you’d be the purple lady. I shall go with red. 😀

      “Domicile” is a stunning piece.

  6. What I like best? It shows how we are all different, we are all unique, we are all beautiful! It shows true friendship! Being there for one another! Celebrating our tribes! That’s why I love this piece!

  7. I love the different personalities but how they all hold together as one. Different colors, shapes…but after all these years, still friends. That’s what I like – it says friendship.

  8. The three are together in comrade-re however appearances are different giving the impression of different personalities. I love the one in the middle with her hands in her pockets leaning back as if chilling against a wall or fence and listening intently while the other 2 chatter away. That would be me, lol. The one on the left I could see whispering about someone walking down the street and the one on the right posing to look good for the same reason. . I love this piece so much, bright and vivid and delicate and dainty at the same time. Nice touch with the frame. I’ll have to check out her work.

    • I think you’ll really like the rest of her work. She has a way of summoning brightness in any situation (and darkness in just the right way).

      I love the wee tale you’ve built around the “Tulip Girls”. I can definitely see them doing all that, particularly the chilling and chattering. 😀

  9. Oh wow! Many thanks to you dear Magaly and Caitlynn for this wonderful gift. For someone who never wins anything, this is huge. Caitlynn’s work is really outstanding, and I’m so delighted to be the recipient; I can’t thank you enough…♥♥♥
    p.s. I tried to respond to the e-mail to provide mailing info but it failed. Please let me know of an alternative?

    • I am very glad you’re pleased. The “Tulip Girls” are going to a wonderful home.

      I sent you a second message to your Gmail. Would you please check to see if it went into your junk mail? If not, please try magalyguerrero @ live . com again. Make sure to delete the spaces between the @ symbol and the period (I write it this way to avoid spam robots).

      Congrats again! ♥

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