Top Secret Stuff

Fine, they aren’t all that secret. But Things I’m Currently Doing plus This and That and More seemed a bit much… So, here are the Things I’m Currently Doing:

Things I’m Currently Doing
Works in Progress

Active Blog Events

Blog Events Archive
Rereading my Pratchett (2015-2017)
Diversity Reading List for 2017
October’s Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017: Love Is Love Is Love… and Words
Beautiful Freaks Fest, 2017
Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2017
Witches in Fiction 2016: Spelling Healing into a Rotting World
Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month, 2016
Witches in Fiction, 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances
NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero, 2015
Witches in Fiction 2014… Crafting Blooming Howls
All Hallow’s Grim 2013… So Good, So Dark
Witches in Fiction 2013… to the Bone
All Hallow’s Grim 2012 – The Darker Side of Faerie
Art, Passion and Heart-Told Tales
Sexy, Dark & Bloody Fiction – Pagan Culture’s 3rd Blogoversary Party
All Hallow’s Grim Blog Party 2011
Witches in Fiction – Pagan Culture’s 2nd Blogoversary Party!

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