Trinkets and Armor

If life rips your heart out of your chest,
make something useful (even fun) out of the bloody mess.


the beginning: Let’s Make Trinkets Out of Horrors and Armor Out of Bliss

the weekly prompts
1. Trinkets and Armor, 1: What’s Your Passion? (Jul 13th, 2018)
2. Trinkets and Armor, 2: Normal Is a Self-Defeating Trap (Jul 20th, 2018)
3. Trinkets and Armor, 3: Boundaries Save Lives (and teeth) (Fri, Jul 27th, 2018)
4. Trinkets and Armor, 4: Life Can’t Smack You Powerless, If You Keep Your Self at the Ready (Fri, Aug 3rd)
5. Trinkets and Armor, 5: Shame is Useless for Living (but Excellent for Senryū) (Mon, Aug 13th)