Truth Turns Revenant

Stacie, over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, asked us to write a poem based on a specific metaphor. I remembered a throne-like golden chair I saw in the news the other night, and I thought about how the hideously ostentatious image still made my eyes want to wretch. I focused on that particular bit. And, to celebrate the birthday of our dark, wild and slightly mad Edgar Allan Poe (Jan. 19, 1808 – Oct. 7, 1849), I took the feeling and Poe-tized it bloody.

“Truth Turns Revenant”

Smoke, blood and ashes
in his soul, out of his mouth
poison shines like gold.

When the truth turns revenant,
many hearts invite death’s teeth;
but some claw (and survive)
digging rot out of eyeballs,
seeing the poison in his shine.

See the poison in his shine.

Linked to Prompt Nights (On Popular Demand – Glimpse into the world of Edgar Allan Poe).

“Silent Heart”, by Billi Capman
(I chose this image, which doesn’t have all that much to do with the poem, because as the artist suggests, it shows “a hint of Edgar Allan Poe”, and today is all about the Poe-man).

51 thoughts on “Truth Turns Revenant

  1. Magaly, so happy to see you as the first one to participate! Your poem is a shock to the senses, visceral – haunting like an old Grimm’s tale. And, yes, also like dear Mr. Poe & his raven (itself such a fabulous metaphor that we could deconstruct in so many ways!) Thanks for sharing.

    • I don’t mind narcissists, since I’m a tad narcissistic myself. I believe that we all should love and even praise our best qualities, try our best to get our not so great traits closer to them. But when the self-praising is a heap of lies, well… that disgust me.

  2. That’s the way for artists of all kinds to portray what is going on, isn’t it? Make it into a vivid grotesque. I realize now that it’s how I’m going to handle it: Pulsating metaphor.

  3. A dark and a true poem Magaly. The truth about truth 🙂
    Have a blessed weekend! I m aback from winter vacations in KZ – I wanna go back to that winter tale.

    love and hugs!

  4. When the truth turns revenant, oh how this makes me want to weep. A more appropriate way to describe what is going on, I don’t believe, can be found. A perfect piece for this weeks events.

  5. This is soo very strong and succinct, Magaly! Especially the closing; “seeing the poison in his shine. See the poison in his shine” left me absolutely breathless! 💜

    Lots of love,

  6. The older one is (speaking for myself) the more used you are to the ups and downs in all aspects of life; politics and power particularly. In countries like ours we know there is that safeguard of term of office and all things both good and bad pass on. Hopefully we learn a little more each day too. Your dark verse is however quite apt and I love the use of the Poe style final line repetition.

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