“Childhood’s a collection of lies.”

“Really?” I laughed into the phone, and my back spasmed. “Where’s the evidence?”

“In memories suggesting I used to wish for snowstorms”, she said.

“I have a copy of your ‘Come Snowstorm Come’ spell, glued to the front page of my ‘Warrioresses Survive Together’ journal, which corroborates your recollection.”

“I forgot about that.” She laughed and then cussed.

“Pain’s getting worse?”

“Nah, just the cold carving sour nothings inside my bones.”

“Let’s take the chisel and eye-gouge the bastard.”

“Together”, she said.

“Always”, I said, and the warmth of our combined laughter unchilled the world.

for Robin

the wee notes…

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photo by Sarah Potter

89 thoughts on “Unchilled

  1. Dear Magaly,

    There’s something ethereal about this and, yet, very real. You layered a lot of backstory between the lines. Well done.



    PS Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.

  2. Good friends warm the heart, plus eye-gouging is so much easier when you have someone there to hold said head with eye down while chisel wielding.

  3. Friendship even at the end of the phone can help ease the pain. I like this snow metaphor for illness and/or unhappiness. It’s very effective.

  4. Whistles!!❤️💘This is absolutely exquisitely penned, Magaly 😀 your words are so personal filling the heart with both wonder and warmth! Sigh.. especially love the promise between you two at the end. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💘

    Lots of love,

  5. Lovely to come across you here as well Magaly … it’s amazing how much you can build between those lines.. the pain and the warmth in friendship… and the mysterious he.. great storytelling.

  6. I love the dark humor bonding these friends. Life can offer so much grimness, it helps to have someone who knows how to appreciate gallows humor to laugh at the pain with you.

  7. A friendship forged in true understanding pain, laughter, and (thankfully me thinks) the strength of the ancient Warrioresses is a true friendship indeed! Thank you… Robin

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