Would You Sprout for Me?

“If I tell you that I love you,
that I built your crib of soil
and have been breathing soul on you,
would you sprout for me?”

I absorbed her given breath,
but held on to my seed coat
the Witch picked me without asking.

“You were our honeymoon baby.
I approached your mother tree,
gave her three scarlet drops and a soul kiss,
before introducing you to my Heart’s music
and bringing you across the sea;

if I show you that I love you,
would you sprout for me?”

I wasn’t forgetting her rude plucking;
but the Witch kept me
nice and moist,
set in the perfect warmth of darkness.
Something inside me began to push…

When I first cracked testa
to show green,
my Witch howled tender breaths
and shook my soil
with the tapping of her feet;

I sprouted for her… just a bit.

Process Note (not on steroids): during our honeymoon, my Piano Man and I ran into a níspero tree heavy with fruit. I hadn’t tasted that kind of yum in over 20 years. I picked a few nísperos, shared them with my love, and saved the seeds. I lost all the seeds but one. The day it sprouted, I nearly lost my mind with delight.

This is what Little Nisp looked like last spring
Nispero Seedling (3)

…his germination photos (yes, I’m sure he’s a boy *cough*)…
Nispero Seedling (1)

…after he sprouted, I reconstructed his seed…
Nispero Seedling (2)

…and here is the big boy one year after he cracked through his coat seed.
Nispero Seedling (4)

for NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, Day 19 – I, Tree: Summon the green within, and write a poem from the point of view of a sentient tree who gets to address his or her keeper. (Um… my entry might have stretched the prompt, “just a bit”, when it comes to perspective and point of view *cough, cough* I need to do something about this— *cough*)

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53 thoughts on “Would You Sprout for Me?

  1. Meaningful poem, and I especially like the ending fantasy. Since we don’t know whether plants are conscious or not, it’s best to believe they are. Add a little witchery and kisses, dark, moistrue and conversation to have a potent charm. Bravo!

    • When in doubt… treat them with the same respect you’d want to be treated. That’s my motto. Okay, I just made that up, but it does describe how live so I guess it should count. 😀

    • I swear he still pouts sometimes. You know when toddlers figure out that you want them to do something, and that they can withhold it from you, so they do? Yep, that’s what he’s doing: 6 leaves in one year!

    • Inner craving, indeed… I’ve always wished people (all people) could feel close enough to trees to care for them as they might care for other sentient creatures. Maybe that way, they would be less destructive of them….

  2. I am not in the least surprised at your devotion to a seed, nor that it sprouted for you. You are a very special soul, Magaly.

  3. Love the fairy tale/fantasy feel to this….and then to find out that it’s true and there’s a real story behind it…..even better!!!

  4. I love the plant love in this, and your relationship to the earth–even in a pot. I have plants who I really feel are members of the family, as you obviously do here–and who cares if some mere people don’t get it? Your seed did, and that’s what counts. Loved this and the prompt, and hope to get back to it, but April is grinding my beans, as I may have mentioned at the coffee-prompt. ;_) Thanks for telling your seed’s life-history, also–fascinating.

  5. Very much enjoyed reading this. The seed was reluctant but at last it did sprout because the narrator works at it with such love and tenderness. The narrator displays tender and loving attitude, the seed displays the actions of the narrator; a beautiful picture.

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