Summery springs make it hardest. The thought of you fills my mind, my tongue screams to taste you. It hurts to want what can’t be mine, to watch you be another’s pleasure, to remember when all of you was part of me. It hurts to be without.

It’s natural—
once sunkissed,
skin will yearn for heat
under the caresses
of the moon.

the (not so) wee notes…
– Poetry is living’s and feeling’s lovechild, words that feed on (almost) everything the poet is and does. I shared the heart bit above (that sounds like a cool name for the 2nd part of the poem) on a Crohn’s disease forum. We were talking about all the foods we miss the most, when someone said, “It’s not so bad. Everything can be replaced with something else that’s almost just as good.”

My thoughts, you wonder? Well, in my case that assessment is incorrect when it comes to most foods. I haven’t been able to find something to truly replace coffee, fried foods, cheese, or my beloved yogurt. In fact, this bit of deep, deep, deep poetry was inspired by my having to eat dairy free yogurt. It’s not that yogurt made with coconut milk is a horror, but the one made with whole milk is so much yummier *wails in wild despair*.

I’m sharing it today, as background for my reply to an Instagram follower who asked, “Where does your relationship poetry come from?” It comes from everywhere: personal interactions, reactions to my environment, of course, from my yogurt yearnings.

– Linked to Poets United ~ Poetry Pantry 345

parchment – half of a tea bag (passion flower tea)
background – recycled paper
yellow/orange/red rose petal (looks like a flame, doesn’t it?)
red thread (and my tenderly wild touch)

59 thoughts on “Yearning

  1. This is so painfully vibrant. I love who you are and how that comes through in your poetry — you embrace pain, but not to your detriment. You feel it fully; you don’t fight it off, trying to protect your heart. You almost let your heart eat it for nourishment, then somehow your system purifies it and releases it as poetry, light, beauty, the best attitude I’ve ever seen. You are an inspiration … just about the perfect human, as far as I can tell.

    Want to lay out in the sun together today? So far, I’ve spent the day cleaning. But this is a great reminder to lay hands on the sun while it’s out, and not waste all our time indoors. We should be frolicking whenever we’re able, is what I’m trying to say … despite the pain. Or because of the pain; there’s no better balm for a broken heart than having some fun anyway.

  2. Life sometimes seems a vast process of sifting us away from what we most love onto something else, on so many levels–I don’t mean settling, exactly, but really losing and having to find–that lose-find mechanism is what rebirths us though, and of course, birth is not meant to be painless. This is a beautiful love poem, Magaly, and it delights me that it comes from a desire for yogurt, which I take for granted as a rather boring but necessary protein staple of my meatless existence. Now when I eat it I will relish it, just for you. <3

    • I didn’t miss yogurt or chocolate or fried yumminess so much until I can’t no longer have whenever I want to. But, like you suggest, I’m appreciating the new things–finding out that I can fight so hard to continue being a me I love (even harder than I thought I would want to). Self-rebirth is painful… and freaking satisfying!

      Yay! for vicarious enjoyment of yogurt.

  3. It’s a tongue feel thing with the yogurt, that creamy texture is missing from low fat non-dairy foods. They are just not as sensuous in the mouth. I understand. Beautiful piece, love how you presented it, too!

    • Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! There is something about that thin texture of non-whole milk yogurt that just doesn’t do it. But, hey, I guess we should be happy that we at least can still eat. Some people are not so lucky.

  4. Ohh yes, love the unrequited hunger we have for the forbidden, whether for dietary wellbeing or because of life choices… Some so easy to leave behind, others I have wicked thoughts about and know I could succumb at any moment and taste the flesh of pig yet in my head I see its happy face and intelligent eyes UGGH… With you in the dairy, vegan cheese looks but alas does not taste or melt like it’s sister, yogurt is twice the price if non dairy… Coffee Ms Wicked, I get headache just thinking about abstaining… I love this post, and the sensual pleasures and relationships you explore… Oh and your poem presentation… Perfect!

    • We all need to do what helps us sleep at night, both physically and spiritually.

      Oh, coffee, coffee, coffee… I used to allowed myself a cup a year, to celebrate. But I stopped doing that. The yearly rush of taste would just make me miss it more. Now, I just sniff it and smile longingly…

  5. It comes from everywhere:
    personal interactions,
    my reactions to all sorts of arts

    Relationship poetry comes not just from having friends but from being sensitive to things around that bother us. That is true Magaly!


  6. This August will mark 26 years, since I last have able to tasted chocolate, upon my tongue, without, a severe allergic reaction, to any product with caffeine, in it, Sigh, decaffeinated Earl Grey tea (tastes horrible chemically on the tongue), and carob, just doesn’t cut it, as a chocolate substitute. I so want to bite into a rich piece of chocolate and savour its taste, before swallowing, but to do so, would be taking my life, at risk. Which sucks, given how many foods have caffeine, in them, where directly or indirectly and aren’t listed, in the ingredients.

    Hang in there, Magaly, maybe one day, you will find a substitute that you enjoy, as much as, the original production. As for myself, I avoid like the plague, any medication, food, or drink product that may have caffeine, in it.

  7. Relationship poetry! Absolutely agree.. everything begins and ends there, it becomes the prism through which we view the world and dare to view ourselves sometimes! And lovely work there with the teabag…

  8. This made me smile – despite the horrors of non-yoghurt yoghurt – ghastly business indeed.. i hope you find something more palatable (I love your artwork too)

  9. This is absolutely awe-inspiring, Magaly! ❤️ Your poetry is always vibrant and thriving with life, it depicts the beautiful person that you are and touches deeply the souls of the ones who read and love you! Powerfully penned❤️

    Lots of love,

    PS: Your creative artwork never ceases to amaze me 😘🍹

  10. How easy it is to relate to your poetry Magaly (especially if yoghurt is a factor), not that love isn’t important but a tub and spoon eases the pain a little.

  11. Well, you fooled me. I thought you were addressing an ex-lover. But I do understand the sensual hunger for delicious foods also.

    I wish my Dad were still alive; he used to say there was something wrong in the way poets wrote about all the others senses but taste was treated as if it was lesser. Why couldn’t there be beautiful poems about that too, he wondered. Now there is one.

  12. This is just lovely, Magaly. Thank you for sharing both the poem and the sources for your inspiration.

  13. Oh, this relationship poetry resonates with all my senses, Magaly…..I have a torrid and tortured love affair with things I can’t eat/drink.

  14. Luv what hedgewitch said and to add. The spirit rejuvenated after loss learns to live, nourished just by breath alone, sometimes

    Happy Sunday Magaly

    Much love…

  15. Speaking as someone who has been gluten free for ages and ages, I can definitely say that not everything can be replaced by something just as good!

  16. Yes, it’s painful to read, I feel it, but no yogurt for me too….How about the kefir with flaxseed and blueberry, almost good as yogurt…or then no poem?… Trying not to be attached to food and other things, but we humans, can’t easily to do ‘transition’ from one to another, which is healthy… good luck!

  17. Loved this post! The tanka prose piece is so evocative … beautifully rendered … and true! Your art is awesome! And I enjoyed reading your wee notes. Your remarks regarding relationship poetry gave me pause … insightful and eloquent. I totally agree!!!

  18. Sorry to hear about the Crohn’s. One of my sons has celiac disease. I am quite sensitive to gluten but I don’t go anywhere near the trials of the damned that he endures, if he ingests the tiniest crumb. Avoiding foods that you love is really, really hard.

    • Thank you, Wendy. The adjustment that have to be made are… exasperating at times. But I guess we should be grateful that we still have the strength to make them (and the funds to accommodate the needs of these diseases). Not the best reason for happiness, but we need to hold on to something.

  19. Magaly, I am so sorry to hear about the Crohn’s. Finding substitutes for the foods one truly loves must be very hard. Coconut yogurt wouldn’t be quite the same, I am sure. And living without coffee would be really hard. Hope you can at least have decaf, though it would be a poor substitute.

    • No coffee at all. It’s not the caffeine that makes me sick, but the way coffee changes during the roasting process. But I enjoy the scent, and I can have a bit of coffee flavored hard candy. Not all is lost. 🙂

      Thank you, Mary. And I hope your new hip is being good to you.

  20. Having to give up foods sucks. Had to limit my carb intake (good-bye, potatoes and homemade bread!) to reduce my migraines … and even though it has been months since my last attack, I wonder whether it is worth it. Humans are weird creatures.

  21. I know it’s hard! There are certain foods I shouldn’t be eating, but, I cheat sometimes! But, I really shouldn’t, and I am doing it less! I know my brother is a coffee nut! LOL! I don’t know what would happen, if he couldn’t have it! Keep smiling!! Big Hugs 🙂

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