You Can’t Help Grown People Who Won’t Help Themselves

Everybody has (or knows) one: a friend or family member who refuses to help himself, but who tries as hard as he can to make others feel guilty for his troubles. I’ve no patience for this kind of individual. And when his parasitic behavior starts negatively affecting the life of someone I care about, I just want to scream and scream and scream… until the shrieking force of my will drills some sense into his mind, or at least until his skull cracks a little and most of his teeth fall out.

I’m a championess at the art of denying people of this sort the opportunity to affect me directly. But sometimes, seeing what they do to others is nearly as infuriating. And all I can do is watch… as the leech sucks the life out of a decent human being who deserves much better.

This is my bit of venting for the day. I would like to say for the week, but lies and I don’t see eye to eye. I have to get ready for another hospital visit, but I think I’ll write something dark before I go… maybe something that contains a healthy dose of cracked skulls and gut-felt shrieking.

Blooming Howlsdetail from “Blooming Howls”, by Gina Morley
inspired by my short story collection of the same name

29 thoughts on “You Can’t Help Grown People Who Won’t Help Themselves

  1. yeah, my sister-in-law was one of those people. never took responsibility for her own life and troubles, blamed everyone else for how shitty her life was, was bailed out time and time again by her family and friends until finally everyone had had enough. ended up on the street and died last year from an overdose after panhandling to get some money to pay a debt only she didn’t pay the debt, just went out and bought more heroin. it’s sad, a sad situation but there was no helping her.

  2. OMG when I saw the title I just rolled my eyes! lol Its really a shame that some grown ass adults refuse to be accountable, are in the land of De-Nial, and think they are still young enough to get away with it…. someone should tell them that the Peter Pan syndrome has died….Can’t wait to see what u write about…. Hope your stay in the hospital is short and easy… and u are a bigger person than me if u can not let those folks bug u… I am slowly working on getting that mindset to NOT let them get to me… ( selective- choosing) lol…..

  3. OMG! How close to home this is…it grates ones bones.
    Many a sleepless night I have had thinking of ways to evade the boney fingers of guilt for not helping one of these leaches.
    I could scream now!
    Shrieking is a good analogy for sure.

  4. Yes, there are a lot of people like that. I can usually separate myself from it, but I always want to tell everybody else to do the same. Too many people get sucked into that kind of personality.

    I like the painting. I just read that great story of yours last week.

    • It’s hard to keep one’s mouth shut when facing this kind of situations. I often try my best not to interfere, but like you… I find myself trying to tell others to run for the hills before they are caught in the madness.

      So glad you think Blooming Howls is great. It put a grin on my face. See? 😀

  5. I was taking a quick peek at FB when I saw the link to this post come up. Danny was rushing to leave for work, but I dragged him in front of the computer to quickly read the blurb with the link. We gave each other a knowing look and a wry smile. Suffice to say…. sooooooo relate to this post right now!! 😉 ♥ And reading it, and reading the comments, reinforces that we’re not unique or alone in this situation, which is something that you can forget when you’re caught up in it.

    • Who said Facebook doesn’t do anything positive? LOL! But seriously, it’s good to remember that others live (and survive) this kind of nonsense. It gives the heart a bit of hope that says, “Yeah, there is probably a escape.”

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