All Her Dark and All Her Bright

Tide crashes into shore, her belly bursting with dead fishes that wear fancy golf balls for eyeballs. Luna flinches at the sight, packs all her dark and all her bright, says, “I’ve had enough of humankind”, and goes out…

the wolf wants
to howl at the moon
that man killed


the wee notes…
– over at the Imaginary Garden, a marvelous Toad invited everyone to write a new poem inspired by questions out of Live Science’s Strange News. I chose, “What if the moon disappeared tomorrow?” plus some feelings evoked by something I heard, on NPR, about the discovery of thousands of golf balls polluting the California coast.
– also linked to Poets United.


this is the work of Lisa Falzon,
you can find more of her stunning art on Instagram and Patreon


With Weird and Bite

Barbie lived unloved
in my underwear drawer,
not understanding
that my heart yearned for other
dolls (with weird and bite) like me.


bits on writing and living

I grew up thinking I hated dolls… I was especially suspicious of Barbie’s slightly vacant smile. In fact, I couldn’t stand the doll. But since Fate delights in laughing at her children, someone (no one truly close to me) would always give me a Barbie to unlove for years and years and years…

A few decades later… after I could procure my own dolls, I realized that it wasn’t dolls I didn’t care for. I just needed dollies that spoked to me. Had anyone given me a pissed off unicorn doll, or a slightly dreamy sheep doll, or a smirking doll with button eyes, I would’ve loved dolls as a wee girl.

The same is true about my love for reading and writing poetry. If someone would’ve introduced me to poems that embraced my weird (just the way I like it), poetry and I would’ve been loving each other madly for years and years and years… Then again, who knows, maybe Fate is just the smartest of them all. She understood that a soul should live a little (or a lot) before kissing poetry on the mouth (and playing with dolls that can bite).


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Mavis (vampire sheep, by Gina Morley)
Drusilla (vampire dolly, by Groovy Gothic)
Princess Unikitty (from The LEGO Movie)