Update 1: Witches in Fiction 2015… Prospective Sponsor Drama

A few days ago, I received an unsolicited email from a couple of shop owners who wanted to sponsor Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances. I was busy, so I didn’t get to reply to the message until last night. The individuals in question are not readers of my blog; in fact, I’m not sure how they came across it. After reviewing the shop and their request, it was easy to see that we weren’t a good fit. I declined their offer, and thanked them for their interest.

I thought that was going to be the end of it. But this morning, there was a disturbing follow up. One of the owners of the shop sent me a message composed of a string of insults and these words: “…wiccans like you are fake. You talk of helping people but you only help who you like. That’s not what being wiccan is.” I pointed out that it was only one of the owners of the shop, because a second person emailed me (about 15 minutes after the first person did) and apologized. It seems business hasn’t been good lately, and the situation is affecting her partner.

Do I feel bad for them? Yes… but at the risk of sounding rather harsh, I must say that I feel bad for a whole bunch of people whom I still wouldn’t invite into my house. I always refer to my blog as my cyber-home, and I mean that. If I invite a friend to my home, I would never offer him or her food or entertainment or treatment that made me feel uneasy.

There was nothing wrong with the merchandise sold by the shop discussed above, but something about the way their goods and services were described left me feeling kind of uncomfortable. Also, I didn’t appreciate that they sent me the request without taking the time to learn a bit more about my blog or me; if they had, they would’ve known that I’m not Wiccan.

But that’s enough unpleasantness for one post. I just needed to get that out of my chest, in order to move on. Let me, instead, introduce the Witches in Fiction 2015 Sponsors (as of 9/24/2015):

Alchemy & Ashes
Gothic Miniatures
Three Cats and a Broom

The Wicked Darlings who bring these shops to life either volunteered to sponsor (without me having to ask) or were contacted by me at their prior request. These will be the five individual giveaways. If you are interested in adding your name to the sponsor list, you shall share your giveaway day with moi and become part of a virtual basket. The latter is often the last giveaway, posted a day or two before party day.

If you wish to jump into the Virtual Basket with me, email me (magalyguerrero @ live . com) with a short description of your prospective giveaway.

If you’ve yet to join Witches in Fiction 2015, follow the link for details.

Witches in Fiction 2015… Sponsors and Giveaways

Of My Autumnal Equinox’s Crush on Halloween

This year, the Autumnal Equinox is winking at Halloween. I suspected they were sweet on each other, but it wasn’t until Ms Misantropia decided to play matchmaker that I found out just how serious these two were.

How do they show their spooky fall(ish) love, you may be asking? Via secret patsies: I knew the identity of my recipient, but had no idea who would send me a gift. Are you wondering who showed me Halloween love on the week of the Autumnal Equinox? I hope you are… since I’m telling you anyway. I was delighted, by the talented, super thoughtful and imaginative, Nadine.

The first gift (and my favorite!) is a stunningly stitched crimson journal. I fell for it the moment I set eyeballs and hands on it. Its new home is my old dictionary.
Magaly's Halloween

Then these three witchy ladies flew in… I just love that their brooms match their hairs.
Magaly's Halloween 1

Remember that bit about Nadine being super talented? Well, she crafted almost everything I’m sharing with you today, including this painting. Isn’t it perfect?
Magaly's Halloween 2

My Montauk daisy, under the autumnal sun, wasn’t the creation of Nadine… But I had to share it with you. See how happy the Equinox looks when courted by Halloween?
Autumnal Equinox 2015

This red, black and silvery beauties, on the other hand… Yep, more by Nadine.
Magaly's Halloween 3

She also sent me an Autumn Magic scented candle, from Witch City Wicks. She’s shy—the candle—and asked me if she could keep her dress on. “Of course” *cough*.
Magaly's Halloween 4

I had to share another photograph of my stunning journal enjoying its new home.
Magaly's Halloween 5

Ms Misantropia, thanks so much for making this possible. My sweet Nadine, your gifts brought all kinds of grins to my witchy heart. I was having a rather trying week… But the thought you put into all this reminded me to focus on the gigantic wee bits that balance light and dark, and make life just right. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

For you, my Luvs, I’m hoping the Equinox (Autumnal or Vernal) brings wonder, magic, love… and a cornucopia of wishes waiting to come true for you and yours. ♥