In My Circus

Ginger and Citrus Leaf Teamaking ginger and blood orange leaf tea for my cranky tummy

I want tea to be coffee,
and ginger chocolate beans.
I wish for life to be a circus
tent, where nothing goes hungry
or sick or dead or extinct…

In my circus, I’m a mad cat
with a crimsonly chic hat
and a silvery grin
slightly cracked.

Fresh coffee flowers brew wild
in my circus, that’s a garden
in a kettle. I take my blooms
everywhere, and spread them slyly
on tables on pianos and saloons.

I want
tea to be coffee.
I wish
for Wonder to be free


the wee notes…
– Today Vanessa Valencia celebrates her 9th annual Mad Tea Party. And because I’m hosting over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, I invited the prompts to dance together. I chose to pair (actually trio) the Mad Tea Party theme with Words Count with Mama Zen (Is your life a circus?) and Rommy Drik’s The Way of Tea, specifically this quote: “Once a flower’s season has passed, it should not be brought in from another location for display in the tearoom.” Yes, Rommy, I’m a tea brewing rebel. Muahahahaha! *cough, cough, better get more ginger, cough*
– Do fly over to The Garden and to A Fanciful Twist to see what everyone else is brewing.
– So… if your life was a circus, what would your tent look like? I wonder, wonder, wonder…

Tim Burton’s Cheshire CatTim Burton’s Cheshire Cat
colored by moi
snatched from Print the World: Super Coloring