A Charming Unkindness of One

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45 thoughts on “A Charming Unkindness of One”

  1. Whistles!!❤️ My goodness this is good! I loved how you recycled the proverbs here ‘Madness is in the heart of the beholder’ and oh ‘What if the bright apple did not dance far enough from the mad tree’ and agree wholeheartedly that lunacy in fact is brilliance dancing wildly with imagination. Sigh.. brilliant write!❤️

    Lots of love,

  2. Ha.. love it… why is it that darkness such as this can make me laugh, while the brightest day can fill my eyes with tears?… (at least I’ve never bled like that).

  3. You goof. This series is so adorable. 🙂

    Love these:

    “everyone knows lunacy is brilliance dancing wildly with imagination, I cannot help remembering that Mama’s madness has two left feet”

    “Sweet Darn’s cheekbones hemorrhaged into a delicate handkerchief”

    “laughed hysterically and offered me what I suspect was someone else’s hand”

    “On your feet, head case”

  4. It is hard not to just curtesy in the presence of the Wicked Writer of CCC&QCR’s tale of friendship, controlling &/or distant parents, amazing and uniquely talented souls (and bodies), especially when that said Wicked writer throws in a touch of shared generational family wisdom, and hilariously recounts the fanged, button-eyed, worm-ridden, dark and delicious campers antics… Too much fun, sooooo love it all (and Lulu’s Raven ❤️)

  5. I love that place name, Magaly: Eeriesoil, New York, and would be thrilled if it really exists. It reminds me of that old TV programme from years ago, Eerie, Indiana. I can’t believe you have a raven in yours too – ‘a charming unkindness of one’ – wonderful!. How do you get to take part in the Guided Paroxysm lesson? I couldn’t help chuckling over ‘Sweet Darn, an igorina from New York City, who happens to be my cottage mate, laughed hysterically and offered me what I suspect was someone else’s hand’ and “Madness is in the heart of the beholder”! Very Tim Burton 🙂

  6. There is so much to love about this, but I will just share one line I love other than copy and paste the entire thing, “What if the bright apple did not dance far enough from the mad tree, Great-Grand-Papa?” Yes, I too wonder. This is a fantastic story twisting sayings we are so familiar with into delightfully dark story telling. Bravo!

  7. Wonderful, Magaly. An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ set up in nightmare tense. I am glad that you can write like this. And “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” started all this chaos!!!
    BTW, have you ever attended the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church at 921 Madison Ave? I learned of it and was impressed while doing background for my poem but don’t remember seeing it. It is across Central Park’s ‘Strawberry Fields’ which I’ve seen plenty of and ‘Tavern on the Green’ where we had a spaghetti dinner with our daughter when she ran the NYC Marathon.
    The church is quaint, sitting amongst tall modern buildings. We had a couple of small churches nestled in between our skyscrapers. Most of them have suffered harassment, like being burned and defaced.

  8. A very interesting tale as only you can tell it Magaly.

    This prompt was very challenging for me, and at the Monday moment i said, yuh know what – stay close to home, i did, and the poem then morphed into… well you’ll read it when you visit

    much love…

  9. Drusilla is her own unique and quite charming self, she has no reason to change. I do hope her mother listens to her daughter about coffins, times move on and women now want to leave their boxes to find fun. Drusilla is growing into a women of her times.

  10. I love the juxtaposition of the Dear Great Grandpa with the bizarre contents of the letter.. I want a small slice of your imagination.

  11. Another great letter to Great-Grand-Papa! (I wonder if he would adopt me)! While reading, calling Drusilla a “Head Case”, meant just that to me, a little crazy. It didn’t even dawn (dusk) on me that poor Drusilla thought otherwise. Also it comes up again in the ending of the letter “What if the bright apple did not dance far enough from the mad tree, Great-Grand-Papa?” And asking her Mama to stop sending satin material for her box…more laughter from me!

    • I think that when a person is already worried about something, even remarks that contain no insult can be taken as offensive.

      And if Great-Grand-Papa adopts you, tell him that I want to come over too!

  12. Mama’s madness has two left feet! Hahaha! I will never forget that EVER! This letter was just stuffed full of quote worthy lines! Looooooved it!!!!

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