A Coat Made of Melody

When winter cut my wings, you wove me a coat made of melody. Your notes flew through cities and forests, shaking shadows, wrapping gentle strings around bare bones.

“Your touch is balsam brewed out of knowing,” I said, wishing I could sing my best songs through broken teeth.

When winter slowed the dance of my tongue, you didn’t try singing for me. You soothed the chill with music, kissed my lips and fingers better, warmed the red in my marrow, until I could bleed my own words.


the wee notes…
– these days, I do everything a bit slower. Tasks I used to complete in a few minutes can take hours… even days, if my flesh and bones refuse to cooperate. When I am at my slowest (but stubbornly insisting in taking care of my own things), I admire my Piano Man the most. Because few medicines are as powerful as knowing that those you love are willing to help you keep your Self as yours as your current circumstances allow.
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55 thoughts on “A Coat Made of Melody”

  1. You are the strongest and most beautiful person I know, Magaly! ❤ It’s all right to take things slow sometimes 😊 as long as the people we love and care about are with us .. cheering us on.

    Loved this stunning poem especially; “Your touch is balsam brewed out of knowing.”

    Hope your day brings you happiness, light and joy 🎄🎁❄☕

  2. You guys have one hell of a love story going on! I am so happy you have each other. Let winter howl, you two will find a way through together.

  3. wowness…hello beautiful enchantress! your words have sent my soul swaying and blooming …..such healing magic and exquisite beauty shimmering in every line and pulsing with every image sparking from your poetry!( “until I could bleed my own words”…beautiful…..swooning over here)

    I am so happy I know you..you are truly an extraordinary soul! I love catching up on your world!

  4. Love the prose poem Magaly. I’m heartened that you have such loving support.
    “When winter slowed the dance of my tongue, you didn’t try singing for me”…..that’s it right there.
    Take your time, go slow like the Keanu in The Matrix….you’ll probably notice stuff we’ve all missed- before you speed up again!

  5. Love is a great comforter and healer. PM seems to have the right idea
    with that and the kisses and music. Your words as always are spellbinding and show such strength.

  6. This is one of the recent, most beautiful and affecting poems of yours I’ve read of late. Piano Man is your rock. And I’m especially glad that you allow him to help, to share the load and let love take over. These lines touch me most…
    “You soothed the chill with music, kissed my lips and fingers better, warmed the red in my marrow, until I could bleed my own words.”

    • Thank you, Khaya. In the past, I always had issues asking people for help. In all honesty, I still do–I don’t trust easily. I am so glad that my Piano Man helped me see that I could trust him (even before I really had to). Without that trust, without knowing that I could allow him to be my “rock”, these last couple of years would’ve been a different sort of terrible.

  7. WOW Magaly your words touched me. I got a visual and the emotion from your words gobsmacked me. To have a person to step aside and let the other do it on their own is rare.

  8. Gorgeous writing, and wild woman wisdom, my inspiring friend. I am as inspired by your Piano Man as by you, through this time of struggle. I so resonate with that stubborn insistance on Carrying On, as I am the same way. We refuse to surrender. Smiles. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas, however you wish to spend it.

  9. The melody reminds us that time is an illusion — we are in it, dancing, hair wild to the wind, even when the world is raw and bare. And what is there but to go singing? Peace, friend –

  10. Your prose poetry is more poetic than a lot of verses I read.

    Every paragraph is so skillfully crafted, with not a word out of place. A really touching piece.

    • Thank you so much, Kerry. I have been dancing between poetry and prose these days, trying to find a way to handfast my two loves… I like what the muse has been helping birth. Here is to more dancing!

  11. I love the concept of being warmed by music like you are… and these days of darkness we all need such warmth… thank you for sharing such warmth

  12. Most well done prosetry Magaly – and indeed, it is very well word crafted and fashioned – the muse and healing love and support have allowed your words to take wing and fly free, solo.

    I can appreciate the sentiments – often when someone is ailing or is suffering from something, or losing their autonomy in some ways, it can be so difficult for both the person trying and those offering support – to readily “jump in” — it takes a wise man (or woman) to recognize that sometimes, it is most necessary to step back and allow – with a large dose of patience and love for the person – it’s a gift for everyone.

    Wishing you continued support and love – you are blessed by PM to be sure – and the fire in your spirit and soul will carry you along, on your song – so your ink will flow. Be well and rest as best you can — remember, sometimes the turtle really will win the race.

  13. Well Magaly, you did a tremendous job of setting the minds of your readers. The clipping of wings is sooo terrible an act, a state no one wants to be in. But that is exactly the holding back extent that disease cause. Not literally flying of course.
    I am really happy about your Piano Man. He is a true friend.

  14. A beautiful love poem to your Piano Man, Magaly. Slow or fast, you are incredible and strong but I am glad you have your man to back you up and give you extra strength and a coat of melody when you need them.

  15. “until I could bleed my own words” – Just one of many stunning lines in this gut-honest poem. Love the title, and your magnificent outlook on life.

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