à la Magaly

Remember that bit about how Life Is Selfish…? Well, I think life dearest took offense to my rather rash words and decided that I obviously did not know the meaning of selfish, and since she adores dealing in lessons, she would take the time to show me how things work when she truly chooses to be in charge.

My schedule is a mess. I usually get at least one day of the week that is just for me, but… no more. I’ve done my ranting and teeth baring. Now, I shall sit still on Chaos’s head, facing forward, waiting until I can drop onto his shoulder and ride him through the mess, until he stops bucking and we start dancing as one.

Until that wondrously tidy dance starts, I shall do what I always do. 

“Overuse the words shall and bit more than is decent?” says the exasperating voice of my Maddening in-Head Editor. 

No, you nosy little bastard, I shall do things à la Magaly. 

“In French? Oh, I didn’t know you could—” 

If you would let me write uninterrupted for 3 seconds, I might—

Um… sorry, my Wicked Luvs, my in-head editor’s mouth is bigger than mine at times *cough*. Anyway, I will approach things the Magaly way. I will work with what I have, when I can, in ways that satisfy my creative wants and needs. Yep, it shall be me, me, me—

“And me?” 

Yes, and you, Maddening in-Head Editor, since one must never lose sight of one’s insanity.  

So, the shape of my blogging will change… again. I shall post more often than I did before. But the posts will be short and seldom linked to prompts. I predict micro-fiction, cherita, haiku, tanka, and senryū dancing cheerfully (and wildly) with pictures, bits of witchy living, and glimpses into my writing day.

I think those of you who have been with me since the beginning will like this. Me? Well, I’m certain I shall love every bit of it. The days ahead look shadow-clad and murk-kissed, so I’m strapping on my wings. The Muse and I, and yes, the Maddening in-Head Editor, too, know just how to soar in the dark.

Fly with me…


The stunning work of my dear friend, Stacy, mistress of Magic Love Crow.


23 thoughts on “à la Magaly”

  1. You just go ahead and show Life what’s what my dear. Chaos? No problem! It’s always an adventure with you and your words my glorious Word Goddess!

  2. Your messy schedule sounds exciting, Maga. Do enjoy the creative process, and put Chaos and Maddening in-Head Editor in their rightful place. I look forward to glimpses of your writing day.

    And yes, Stacy’s work is stunning as always.😊

  3. Nothing could suit me more than life(and words) a la Magaly. I do so know how shattering it is when your time can never be your own–it is possibly more exhausting than the actual time-eating events themselves, and leaves one feeling like a dry sponge crisping on the Mojave sands. Thinking of you much, dear, and I look forward to whatever and whenever you will write.

    • I wonder if every adult who loses control over their time wonder about how children do it. I hope they do. Since the only way to deal with the situation without going mad is to face it like a child–delighting in whatever we can, when we can.

  4. Its all good. Every word, every thought, every evil chuckle, every knowing wink and every happy wing flap. Its all good, and I am flapping along with you, catching up or lagging, but always there somewhere.

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