A Real Reckoning

Your blood might be thicker
(and filthier) than most minds
can imagine, but…
my will is a thing of magic.

You can bite into me, rip
my heart, taste my rage, believe
you’ve made me yours, but…
no one can own a wild soul
who knows her Self inside and out.

I will rest awhile, think
of blood and magic, then…
your flesh and bones will feel
a real reckoning.


a wee note…
– June Mac Hill, mistress of A Lot Less Ordinary, told me that her blood-clad fairy could use some “awesome words.” I went ahead and wrote her some—because everyone should have awesome words. I’ve tweaked the original version a bit (since *cough* it needed it [say that 13 times fast]).


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47 thoughts on “A Real Reckoning”

  1. the wilds and wildest of hearts, will always out – outlast, outperform, outdistance … and will rage like thunderous storms, but still, offer it all in love – to self, to others, in knowing … and rise, again, to regain, once composed ~ after the deafening silences of rain …

    how lovely to boost a friend’s spirits and encourage …
    may the wild fairy be restored

  2. Awesomeness conjoined 😀 Before I saw the image I thought you were writing about that nightshade you saw lol …juicy berries that bite back 😉 XXX

  3. A blood-clad fairy with a filthy mind – or did I misread the opening stanza! A wild soul that tastes of rage needs to rest occasionally to regroup and think of of blood and magic. I love the magic in this one, Magaly!

  4. It’s hard to rise up from those hurts that bloody one’s heart. But we certainly don’t have to stay down, especially when the ones that bloody us prefer it that way. I find thinking and planning helps speed along healing, well it feels like that to me anyway. And after healing, oh yes, a reckoning.

  5. Filthier than my mind? I doubt it. I feel like “Eye Of The Tiger” should be playing behind your words. They are ominous and luminous at the same time. Don’t mess with me today…that’s all I gotta say 🙂

  6. Vaa vaa vooom!! 😍😍😍 I LOVE the defiance and strength in your words that shines the brightest in “no one can own a wild soul who knows her Self inside and out.” Exquisite write! 💖💖

  7. no one can own a wild soul
    who knows her Self inside and out

    This soul is not easily bullied apparently! It is good Magaly, to be confident of oneself and to show him a thing or two!


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