A Stitched October’s Heart-Bits Giveaway

I took “Our Strange Creature”, some recycled coffee filters and paper, red and black thread, a needle, a pen, a handful of mirth, and stitched it into a 5-page book. I felt a blast of soothing yum as I wrote and ripped and eyeballed and stitched up my words. The result is rough—firsts often are. Still, if you win it, I hope you love it as I do.

The title is written on a coffee filter I never used. It was the runt of the pack, missing a chunk that kept it from being bathed by the brew. But… it gets to be art. So, all is good.

I was tired when I got to the last page. There was a wee bit of over-ripping, the thread twisted here and there… My exhaustion added character to the piece, methinks.

The pages are stitched together in the middle. The 3 strings are just fed through the center stitch. Tie them up to secure them… or remove them if you don’t want them.

I made a bookmark out of the blackout bit that partly inspired “Our Strange Creature”. But I’m not giving it away. I almost did. Then, my muse and greed and moi decided to keep it. But worry not, I’m replacing it with a stitched quote ready to frame. Once you win, fly over to my Instagram word-garden, look around, tell me which, and I’ll stitch.

Entering the giveaway is rather easy
– just leave a comment letting me know that you want the stitched poem and quote.

You’ll get extra entries, if…
– you are an October’s Heart-Bits with Magaly participant. Yes, you can still join in.
– you leave/left a comment on the original poem.
Three is a delicious number. So, a total of three possible entries feels just right.

If you are not a regular reader of my blog, if you don’t follow me on Facebook, haven’t liked my page, or we aren’t friends on Instagram, please make sure you add your email to the comment (I need to be able to contact you if you win).

This giveaway is open to anyone who can legally enter it. I will announce a winner on Tuesday, November 7th. Best of luck, my Wicked Luvs.

And the winner is… Dimitra. Congrats, dear lady!

37 thoughts on “A Stitched October’s Heart-Bits Giveaway”

  1. Three it’s the magic number…
    I just love the way you stitch your poems and use these found papers. I’ve got a giveaway coming up on Instagram too. If you like to play cards look for my “mission control” giveaway during the second week of November. Love having your work to look forward to in my inbox.

  2. I was going to say it would be greedy of me to try and win yet more of your magical words…but stuff it…I am already fat so one more morsel would top me up nicely 😀 XXX

  3. Us! This is beautiful … Ben shared your work in the writer’s group. Glad to meet you through the interwebs!

  4. That’s a hell of a prize. You sure you want to give it away? LOL, too late now, you’ve announced it on the internet, so I’ll take my chance and request a third entry. 🙂

  5. What could be a better reward than something stitched from your magical heart? Thanks for putting this kind of work (and play) into your art, dear Magaly. It was a gift in itself to participate.

  6. Oh my, this is so magically delish. I would love to be entered to win your October Heart Bits creation. This is so very kind of you. xoxo Oma Linda

  7. This is brilliant! A beautiful piece of WordArt to be enjoyed and treasured!!!
    How wonderful! Good luck everyone!!! ❤️🌹❤️

  8. Me WANTS to win!!! I think we are friends everywhere…or we just know where to find each other hehehe!!! I didn’t join in on your “October Heart Bits” however I will go check it out even tho’ its the 30th. Love and Hugz!!!! R

  9. Magaly, oh wowness,so beautiful!!!..an incredible masterpiece of your sacred work..magnificent. Of course I would be super-thrilled and so honored to have a chance to win more of your hand stitched magic!
    You are brilliant and so generous ! deep thanks for sharing your shining spirit to all.

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