A Well-Fed Love

never tames
a well-fed love,
time only makes good

Our first date was wild.

Remember? You wrecked your car, so…
I put your hand on my thigh and drove.

Lunch ended with chocolate-covered coffee
ice cream, our mouths learning our bodies,
our souls finding ecstasy in being one.

Our first date was wild. And the next
will be better.



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51 thoughts on “A Well-Fed Love

  1. Such a wonderfully passionate write, Magaly 💖💖 The opening line rings so true 😊 time can never alter a strong relationship where love is in constant bloom 💖💖 Happy Sunday!☕

  2. Whew! Stunning once again. Time only makes a good love better – I like that & think it is true. I really enjoyed what R. said about your writing in the PU article. You have way of writing that makes a reader FEEL something.

  3. He certainly rose to the occasion by not stressing about the car when there was some fruit picking to be done enabling him to see what was important in life.

  4. This is just perfect, Magaly. Every word. I love the way you tune into what is important, what keeps heart and soul alive and growing in a land of what seems like constant bitterness and death. And I love the chocolate covered passion of learning. Thanks for the healing words.

    • I think, that times like this–when things are so… terrible–is when we need to remember the good, the tasty, what makes life worth the struggle. If we forget, well… things get very difficult. And impossible starts bragging and grinning.

  5. What sweet satisfaction of the appetites!

    I love the way you take your own small verses which seem perfect as they are, and then expand on them to arrive at something even better. Which is pretty much what you are doing, as described here, in the relationship too!

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