A Wild Woman Drunk on Ink Always Writes Her Wicked Tell-Tale Heart Out

always trust
a tongue drunk on ink
to tell tales

I shall be mostly off line for the next week and a half. But worried not, my Luvs, I will post on Instagram every now and again. And I’m leaving you a creative mission to keep your brain-housing-group busy while I’m away.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave a comment sharing one thing (all right, you can share three *I, too, am greedy*) that happens to a wild, sexy, intelligent, funny, extremely modest writer while she travels.

Remember, my Wicked Luvs, your imagination is the limit… and everyone knows Lady Imagination is in total lust with Mistress Borders Unknown.

I plan to write the tale during the trip back. So, try to have your suggestions in by next Friday (Feb 23rd). Read you in a day (or 13). Be wild and wicked while I’m gone. Then tell me about it.

really, an Ink Woman is always quite loose with her tales

27 thoughts on “A Wild Woman Drunk on Ink Always Writes Her Wicked Tell-Tale Heart Out”

  1. Said writer …
    … falls into a magical cauldron and is transformed into a bat. Or a frog. Your choice.
    … has a tequila or rum drinking contest with Baron Samedi.
    … does not step in dog shit.

  2. She might lose a much loved book…or was it stolen? We know she will meet many a strange Stranger, stranger than most….and that Stranger would love to have a way to control our traveller…*sees a book dangled dangerously over a campfire* mwahahahaha XXX

  3. The writer finds a very miniature ornate exquisitely carved chest in the turn-ups of a very old pair of trousers she picked up for pennies at a thrift story, these she intended to give to her man as a surprise present.
    She open said chest and finds an ancient script which she deciphers instinctively, thus…
    Meanwhile, her neighbour (two doors down), Ermintrude Ethelswaite inexplicably begins to iron her carpet, whilst speaking in strange tongues and…
    Anna :o]

  4. Have a great time away Magaly!
    -eats delicious mangos in the forest, while watching the bunny rabbits and deers
    -trips over a heart shaped stone, to find a magical red heart leaf right beside it
    -while picking up the leaf, the other side reads, “it took you long enough to get here!”
    Big Hugs 🙂

  5. Ok, last attempt:

    You know what, I’m just gonna say it, even though it goes against everything I have felt for the last 3 years. She falls in love. She throws all caution to the wind and SHE FALLS IN LOVE. Cause who knew that would be fucking revolutionary at my age? And I’m not even at half mast yet. So screw you, world. Let’s go all Moulin Rouge and shit. Let her fall in love like there is no tomorrow.

  6. Traveling should always broaden the horizons, so I suggest your heroine meet something/someone who is totally not who or what they seem–a talking tea pot, a homicidal ticket clerk, or perhaps just the glaringly unexpected–like a well-adjusted, cheerful zombie babysitting a princess’s young twins. I’m probably too late to the party, but I thought I’d just sneak that stuff in for future reference. 😉 Hope you soon feel strong and well and have had much much fun on your travels.

  7. She finds patterns in the animal prints left in the earth. Eventually she realizes it is the work of two different denizens of the forest and the patterns are lusty love letters back and forth.

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