A Woman’s Tongue

Kerry wants to put the “mini” back into the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads’ Sunday Mini-Challenge. She asks for poems written in no more than ten lines. Here is my wee offering:

“A Woman’s Tongue”

Tenacious and nimble,
with edges that sculpt life
and cut anything unwanted,
a woman’s tongue.

History has tried (in vain)
to tame it, to tie it down, to hush all
the desires of a woman’s tongue;

but none can still
a woman’s tongue,
only her.

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A Woman's Tongue -

104 thoughts on “A Woman’s Tongue”

  1. This can be read in different ways. If it is spoken to a woman, perhaps it’s just a bit of advice or gentle reprimand, reminding her that no one can tame her own tongue but her — and maybe, if she’s ready, she might consider working on it.

    I love that your pen was your inspiration. 🙂

  2. History has certainly shown us that society is more than willing to silence tongues that don’t meet its expectations. The decision to speak out, even under those expectations, remains ever our own. Powerfully written.

  3. A woman needs to use her voice, too often her tongue has been tied to her safety, her security, her life to move the way it should. Great piece, wonderful advice, or admonition…whichever gets the job done!

  4. That was awesome, Magalay!…Sometimes old traditions need a new twist. LoL!!! Thank you for the read and so glad we are woman! 😉

  5. Oh yes, only the woman (or man) can still their own tongue! They have to figure out the importance of it for themselves, I think……otherwise a loose tongue can do a LOT of damage!

  6. Aww… sounded like music to me.. this little poem! No one can still… only her…

    P.S. Shall write a poem about man’s ears – No one can open them to listen (to a woman’s tongue), only him…lol

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