I Am Poetry

I am dark fiction
written in soft screaming lines
that soothe, unnerve…
From time to time,
my prose makes a heart fall
in love
a little.

I am dark poetry
birthed with bright that kisses the eye,
lines crafted to delight other souls
into imagining
all sorts of living
and personal.

I am words
of flesh and bone
chanted in the dark.

I Am Poetry

12 thoughts on “I Am Poetry”

  1. You said it well!. a lot of sensitivity… I feel your strength and determination.. I should of realized u were taking a step back.. I can imagine the violation u feel.. I know I get quiet and sit back and reassess, then after I’ve figured it out, I find an inner strength and come back kickin’!.. I know u will kick ass thru words- u always do. 🙂 I like the look of this page- great beginning!

    • Indeed, Chris. If I had not sat down and thought about things for a while (and curse, of course, lol), I doubt anyone would like (or understand) the fury coming out of my mouth. This whole thing pissed me off so much. But I’m feeling better now. And I know I will feel even better once this new home begins to feel, well, homey.

      Here is to new beginnings! (and to lovely creepy avatars, lol).

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