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This is my place for writing and sharing short fiction, poetry and bookish bits with life in them; a cyber-spot where friends get together to discuss all the wicked fun things that make life worth living.

We also devour unsavory topics, social (and sometimes rather personal) issues that can make a soul want to smack stupidity on the back of the head, and kick it while it twitches on the ground.

But we do it all with a gentle grin on our faces… most of the time. If you take pleasure in the thrills of critical thinking, enjoy fiction and poetry, love celebrating the good things in life (and glaring at the not so awesome ones) then you’ll probably like my cyber-home.


11 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen ‘dark and witches’ made this beautiful. You have a brilliant and entertaining space here. Love your poetry, I could learn a thing or two. I’m even tempted to get my hands on one of your books (a genre I haven’t explored much, I admit). So glad I stumbled upon your Instagram page:-)

    • Thank you, Khaya (love your name, by the way). I love knowing that you found something beautiful and that it surprised you. I shall follow your link to your site and see what you’re up to. 😉

      Let me know if you decide to try one of my short collections of tales. I would love to hear how you like them (or not *cough*).

  2. Hi Magalay,
    I saw your comment to Sanaa on her post for the Rage Against the Machine series and I just wanted to invite you to be a part of the series if you have any interest. I would love to get your perspective. If you’re thinking about it, you can find the full prompt…

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