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22 thoughts on “Always”

  1. *chillschillschills*
    I of course thought of Snape when I read the title of the poem at first! This story is so amazing, I love the cup!! Totally worth the wait 🙂

  2. Such a sad, but very brave tale. The courage of two people, so much in love and dedicated to each other, dealing with the aftermath of something that neither had control over with such compassion for what is going on is so inspiring. It was a wonderful story and a wonderful blooming of a great poem!

  3. Amazing! One thing jarred me a little, though — when the characters of Clara and Nathan were named. The story and its mysteries seemed (at least to me) to have greater impact when they were nameless — perhaps more universal and therefore scarier? I don’t know.

  4. The images in this are so immediate and real, and so surreal, that the nightmare almost walks(and bleeds) off the page. You work with symbols here so gracefully, without making them too ponderous or static–they are as they should be, living (if abstract) things which can affect us as much or more than so-called concrete realities. But your darkness is always dispelled by light, which makes this triumphant as well as subtle and stinging. Wonderful work, especially since taken from a single phrase of micropoetry.

    • I just finished reading this story for a friend, and after I was done, I realized that I might’ve still been thinking about “The Fortress”, by you *cough*, when I wrote this one; these words, in particular:
      living well with harmony or slaughter.”

      • P.S. I’m very please with how the blackout poetry and the bit of micro-poetry/fiction, I’ve been sharing on Instargram, nudges my brain into layers I didn’t even know were there… when I wrote the inspiring piece.

  5. It was beautiful, but a sentence really stuck with me, like those that sometimes get to follow you for life…
    …Why? He asked infinite questions with that word.
    This story was so intense!

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