Around My Finger-Bone

Last Saturday, my Piano Man and I went on another first date. Every year, we recreate our first face to face encounter. Our actual first date was in June, but I was too sick last June and we had to put it on hold for a bit. We are so glad we did… The weather was perfect, the pizza was NY-yummy, the ice cream was delicious, and my flesh and bones felt well enough to delight in our long walk through Silver Lake.

“The Beats under My Ribs”

The morning stretches awake to the song of gut and bone echoing of recent pain. My brain wonders if the rest of my flesh is ready for buses and trains riding my spine. I see him smile for me, feel his lips feed me a kiss, and the beats under my ribs say I can do anything.

in sunlight, two hearts
sail the summer-kissed waters
of New York, in love


After the ferry took us from Manhattan to Staten Island, we ate and walked to the city park… where we shared our first grope (did I type that aloud?) and where my Piano Man proposed a few years after said grope (I guess I did type it aloud). We visited a bunny that has been living in a tree-house (tree-basket?) for at least five years. Last year, she found a foxy mate. They make such a lovely couple, don’t they?


“Around My Finger-Bone”

His eyes eat a book… His fingers knead relief into the small of my back. The chant of cars on rails lulls me home… I watch silver and dark around my finger-bone ringing a promise made of all my love… From the sky, debris falls like a star. And I wish for nothing.

a black stone with spark
handfasted my witchy heart
to he, who is mine


a wee note…

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63 thoughts on “Around My Finger-Bone”

  1. Happy anniversary!! I love how you celebrate it!! Also, your ring is enchanting! I rarely like engagement rings, because more often than not they are pretentious, meant to symbolize other things than what they are meant to. But this is a true engagement ring, elegant, beautiful, powerful, made of love, just like you!!

  2. Isn’t dating your husband the absolute best thing in the world?! I LOVE going on dates, but it’s been AGES.

    I too love your ring. I’ve always wanted an onyx ring … or a finger tattoo.

    This is the best post, Magaly. Every little thing about it just floors me and sends me to the moon at the same time. 🙂

    • My husband and I have decided that we will be the 90-something-year-olds shocking people in the park, since we plan to go for our dating gropes until we can no longer walk. And after that, we’ll take turns pushing a wheelchair. Yes, dating is fantastic, when we have someone who enjoys doing it with us.

      I’m so glad you liked this post. 🙂

  3. You two are so made for each other. The words you write, the pictures you share tell of a love story for the ages. Your ring is as beautiful as your commitment to each other. You sure know how to do it right!

  4. Magaly, you are a hopeless romantic – or rather, a hopeful romantic! Falling in love in NYC is somehow a very special event. I did it once. It didn’t take, but still, there is something about a Manhattan breeze that courts the heart.

    Thanks for a breath of that breeze, for a sweet memory, even as I am happy as hell in Wisconsin with my soul mate. Memories never die! Amy

  5. Beautifully written LOVE! Happy be-lated anniversary. I really like “said grope” typed out, twice!!! I believe you are both so blessed to have found each other from the first date to many, many, many first dates to come. You write it out so well in your style that so many of us love to read. Cute bunnies and beautiful ring. Hugs!

  6. I do love the thought of recreating the first date…. have to think what that mean… hmm standing on a pier in late December, freezing but with that warmth to share… (but probably no ice-cream)

  7. Oh Magaly, this gave me such sweet grins — I love to read of a real romance, lived out in the magic of days spent celebrating each other — and NY is indeed a city for lovers. Happy Anniversary to you and your Piano Man. 🙂

  8. What can I say?? Beautiful!! Magical! True Love! True powerful love! Your ring is perfect too! Keep on groping!!! 🙂 Big Hugs!
    (I’m so sorry what you are dealing with Magaly, but I am so happy, you have your Piano Man beside you and your strength inside of you!)

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