Art Gives the Best Feels

I dreaded our reality, but wrote it anyway. We’ll only be art-lust, ink in love.

His reply bloomed red on my palm. Ink is everything.

Never feeling flesh-to-flesh? Never you in me? My skin drank the words, and waited…

Physical sex is a wonder,
but ardent love is an art.
Art gives the best feels.

the wee notes…
– To read other installments, visit my Web Serials page. The tales are listed under Ink and Feels.
– For this week’s bit of interactive writing yumminess, let us play with genre: would you like this story to be 1) pure Fantasy or 2) a dance with Magical Realism? For anyone not familiar with Magical Realism, think of it as storytelling that portrays realistic glimpses of the real world which include magical elements and/or lore that are very real for the minds that believe in them.
– Written for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55. Link to Poets United.

(this really, really, really tickled)

67 thoughts on “Art Gives the Best Feels

  1. Ah, Magaly–I love the way this series is developing, the voices becoming more distinct and real, even as they seem more elusive to pin down–I love the erasure poetry, also–and of course, you know I’m going for Magical Realism–though most everything you write is magical for me, anyway. Thanks for playing, and may you and yours have a kickass weekend.

    • I love that we get to discover them at the same time. It’s the reason behind the interactive bit–if all of you have to make small decisions about where the story goes, I can’t write ahead… So, every week, I get to dream a bit more of the tale. It is truly a delight to write.

    • Really, Joy, thanks so much for reviving this event in this shape. I adore sharing words with friends. And when the words can be both story and poetry, I’m happier than a peacock in a serious relationship with a rainbow. 😀

  2. Gorgeousness! Such a beautiful way to start my morning..reading your exquisite poetry. This plucked at a deep string in my soul..loved every word of it and about love being an artform!!… and that pic of red ink on your hand is sublime!

    Magical realism…oh yes!

    Have a sweet day

  3. I think that anything you can set in ink is wonderful… love this series, and I think love that goes beyond sex is what make the word shake.

  4. I’m going to start writing tiny poems on my hand and sharing them with my students, especially the ones who say they “hate” poetry!

    • You should. I think those of us, who at some point have said to hate poetry, should be approached creatively. Five years or so ago, I hated poetry with all my being. Then, a poetry professor who adores her work (and knew I loved words and bones), took me to a cemetery and invited me to write about the epitaphs… It was love at first gravestone.

  5. Ink in love… What a wonderful way to put it, Magaly. Those relationships are some of the best, because they aren’t hampered with real life and buying groceries, and what tv show to watch. Yes to magical realism and escape!

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